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10+ accurate content strategies to increase blog traffic fast(in 6 months)

According to google, "Content is king" and many of you who are now visiting this blog must be knowing and that's the reason why you have visited my website. In my this new blog, I am going to see that how to rank a keyword based domain as you can notice my domain which is full of keywords. According to Matt Cutts, who have been working since year 2000 as a search engine analysist at the google websmasters says that the only natural and powerful way to rank a blog higher and build back links is to write fresh, original and lengthy blog posts. 

One of the great things about web is that it still offers up-and-coming businesses to build their reputation online  - Matt Cutts

Here I am not going to tell you correct your plagiarism and grammatical mistakes of content writing instead how to write content professionally and serialy so that the visitors convert into readers and readers convert into subscribers and subscribers convert into buyers. 

My blog's first post:

In this blog, I have thougth that I will write only long, lengthy, keyword rich, lots of nofollow links embedded in between like wikipedia, Neilpatel websites. Here i will add all the links via "nofollow" tag so that it cannot create back links to their respective sites and only function as a mere source of information. This is my second blog website which I have started and want to rank it higher than other blog websites. My new blog is targeted to the keyword "increase blog traffic fast" and let's see that in how much time, days, months, and years will it be reaching to the google first page rankings. We need your support and love to do it so. Here i will be posting each and every details about how my blog is ranking for this keyword based domain including the social shares, facebook, twitter, feedburner readers, google plus followers, daily visitors, posts which got ranked and is receiving good traffic. For all the guided review of my blog's day to day achievements and traffic stats and do not forget to subscribe to my blog. 

Content strategy #1: Unique awesome tiltles and sub-titles

title and sub title

Same to same blog posts with the same titles are publishing day by day and google is fill up with the same titles which makes it difficult to put blog posts on the same page with the same title on page 1 of google. Unique titles have been said to rank quickly and efficiently on google within a short spam of time without much hesitation and links. Titles like these have been used more than enough like

"how to increase blog traffic" 
"how to rank a blog"
"how to build back links"

But now your titles would be like:

"Expert guide to efficiently increase blog visits"
"Rank a blog quickly on the first page of google"
"Proven guide to build high quality and page authority dofollow back links"

Google also mentioned in their seo optimization guide that providing unique titles is of utmost importance in today's ranking technique. 

Dividing the blog into different sub-titles is necessary so that the visitors are not bored reading paragraphs of long content and are engaged due to different sub headings provided. Nowadays people are in hurry and are having almost no time to read a 2000+ words post for an hour so they quickly notice the sub headers, optimize it and leave the blog page. But make sure that the everything is being described in the sub headers. 

These technique can be immensely helpful in creating thousands of visits per day.

Content strategy #2:  Focus on targeted keywords, get your people and write accordingly

targeted keywords

The only way to rank your blog nowadays is to find your people for which you are purposely writting the content on your blog like my keyword is related to blogging so my audience is bloggers who write posts online and my job is to teach them the techniques and strategies to apply to their blog to rank their blog, improve traffic and unique visitors, and to make money online. Whatever may happen but never ever add anything not relevant to your blog or your keyword.

Example: If you are running stationary store where people usually sell the study tools then it will run good and profitable but if you start selling fish/meat at the store then it will gradually loose the stationary buyers from your shop. The same thing appears at your blog like if you are running a "how to blog and make money online" type of site but after writing some keyword based content, you suddenly started writing articles about topics irrelevant to your keyword like you started writing about hacking stuff so your blog will suddenly loose rankings and page rank and your blog will be destroyed completely. The same thing happened to my previous blog at smartcarestud.

You can also track the type of people visiting your site and the visitors who are clicking your ads. Just copy and paste the ad clickers name and email addresses in notepad. Now download Rapportive and paste the name and email, now it will be providing you with all the accurate details which you needed about the user like age, gender, qualifications, jobs, hobby. Other than Rapportive you can also use linkedln to track down your engaging visitors and take out their details. Now you can save the experience and case study of visitors or upload it to your blog for some true efficient knowledge about blogs. Like these you can acquire the generic active emails and use it for selling stuff purposes to earn a good amount of money.

The benefits of writing on targeted keywords is that they will also check your related and popular posts articles as they are about the same topics and you will hence get more number of visits/user according to blog. 

Content strategy #3: Write blog posts about topic which are always in demand(lasts longer) and avoid trending content 

evergreen posts in demand

Famous bloggers who have done it themselves by standing alone, writing alone, promoting alone, have hard worked to achieve success through blogging have always tried to write content that gets searched all throughout the years and are never old like the trending topics which are in huge demand for a period of time like

"Massive earthquake in China"
"Death of popular singer in USA"
"Death of Legend Michael Jackson"

Topics like these are in huge demand for a period of time if your blog gets ranked for these keywords, but some days after the incident it will send massive traffic but afterwards this blog posts will be almost dead receiving no or less visits. These type of blogs get written by the news channel websites so the new or professional(self made) bloggers do not usually write about these trending works. Their mode of writing is evergreen all the time and can be accessed any time years after they have been published. Some blog posts written in year 2004 are still present on page #1 in the year 2017. 

Case study: A recent case study has shown that people who write or review about something like nutrition, blogging, make money online tips, body building tips, marketing online and more are tend to receive more and more traffic in this field and can create for themselves a successful career online which they have never thought off and can when their hard work on the evergreen content shows off then they will receive tons of traffic that they have never thought off.

Some evergreen running posts topic posts are like:

"How strategic online marketing can make you rich overnight"
"17+ ways to build up muscles within 2 months"
"Why targeted traffic is always the best traffic"

These blog titles if ranked for their keywords then they could remain at the top for more than 1 year and more, if updated frequently. If you are not able to curate ideas for these titles then you could take the help of some long tail keyword finders like

*keyword finder
*google keyword tool
*google auto search
*Long tail pro

Content strategy #4:  Why and how long tail keywords are the best?

long tail keywords

I am writing this content according to the recent study analysis of using long tail keywords in the content and title to boost traffic for new blog. 

Have you ever checked google keyword tool, it always shows that 1-2 word keywords are responsible for driving too much traffic to the website. 

But the truth is nowadays due to panda and penguin updates short term keywords have declined and long tail keywords have come into the market. According to the google algorithm only long title blog posts with generic and suitable information ranks. In the keyword tool, it always shows that keyword like "create a blog" receives about 10k to 100k views per month and "body building" receives a traffic of 100k to 1M visitors. But the only thing which you need to do now is to embed those short keywords into your long tail titles. 

According to the latest study estimates, it has been seen that people who use 1 keyword appear in only 3% of the total searches, 2+ keywords appear in about 12% of searches, 3+ keywords appear in about 22% of the searches, 4+ keywords appear in 25% of google total searches, and 5+ keywords capture about 42% of google most searches. Thus, it proves that how much long and keyword friendly the title is, it is having much more scope and ability to rank according to google algorithm. This is in account of only searches of USA not the whole world searches. 

Another case study came out of the research by Ahrefs long tail keyword research that traffic is not so easy for a blog, it requires years of hard work written content and back links to website, relationships, social popularity. The search content study shows that over 94% of keywords get monthly searches of 20 to 25 searches per month, 4% of keywords get monthly searches of 25 to 50, 3% of keywords get monthly searches of 50 to 200, 1% of keywords get monthly searches of 200 to 500, 0.3% of keywords get searches of 500 to 5000 and only 0.033% of searches get 5000 to 10000 visits monthly.  

Some blogs which are insanely popular by long tail pro keywords are incomediary, neilpatel, copyblogger. This trick is best for ranking immediately, search and take a long tail keyword and rank easily for them.

You can't rank for the main keyword but you can easily rank for sub keywords of the main word like,

"how to build muscle"
"how to build muscle quickly"
"how to build muscle with nutrilite"
"how to build muscle at home"
"how to build muscle with supplements"
"how to build muscle fast"

As you can see, how google works. When itself you will type "how to build muscle" google will suggest you the rest for which searches are available with it's auto suggest. Now select a title and the only thing which you need to do now is to write a 2000+ lengthy post with sub headers and inbound links and share it on social media. Make sure that no one has better content written on their blog that you have.

Content strategy #5: Why consistency is important for blog popularity

consistent blogging

Consistency is the key to increase blog visitors and you know better itself. Many bloggers fail as they do not know how to make it as a habit like a professional blogger william once said that he only writes at the time when inspiration strikes him and it strikes him at everyday 9'0 clock every morning. Another great writer said that he will write 1000 words everyday on his blog and within 365 days he made 300000 dollars. 

According to my blog which is almost new and is very important to write blogs daily of more than 1500+ words which is really hard and effortful. I have made it an ambition to write lengthy and informative posts like wikipedia and neilpatel where blogs are having more than 5000+ words and a lots of "nofollow" links  which do not share any back links to them but only link them as an informative post. 

You just need to follow these simple steps 

Step 1: Download evernote android and ios app(depending on your device)

This is a reminder note which will remind you everytime of your duties and always make noise like an alarm when your reminder time meets up.  You can check up tasks once you have completed your work.

Step 2: You can also subscribe to

This a website from where you can hire a coach to guide you through right and wrong and motivate you to complete your tasks everyday by adding different goals at different times.

Step 3: Improve slowly and peacefully

Nobody has become a great writer at a time. Everything takes time whether it is a skill, a business, a blog success, a tree to grow and give fruits, promotions in your job. When you will start writing, you will notice that each and everyday you are improving and implementing different methods to add life and creativity to your blog including different types of images, and quotes. At first, you will be writing 250+ words, after one week 500+ words, and after one month 1000+ words. 

Step 4: If you can't complete your work once at a time, divide it into parts

Once you are dividing it into different parts like you will write the title and introduction in the morning , body of the post in the afternoon and ending and conclusion at the night. For more info and details, you can create a file pdf for and give them for exchange of emails.

Step 5: Push yourself to your limits untill you go to bed

The success of morning is because of the hard work that you have given at night. No one has ever become great without suffering so try to write a great and lengthy post no matter how much time it takes you to complete it. 

Step 6: Work more-rest less and again work more-rest less

You can divide your time into different parts to work more efficiently as it is a human mind and it can concentrate hardly for a 10 minutes of time and suddenly a rest is needed. So work hard and listen to a song, watch a video, give rest to yourself and again start writing content. 

Content strategy #6: Why bloggers do not understand the power of guest blogging

guest blogging startegy

No blogger have ever succeeded on google without submitting guest posts and generating huge back links, traffic. When your blog gets ranked in google when you guest blog then you will be suddenly a wave that will change your whole blog website. You will be start seeing a major increase in visitors which are loyal and comment on your blog. There will be visitors who will subscribe to your blog newsletter and generate you leads. It can take your blog to next phase(i will be describing below the three phases of blogging).

The objective is not to make your links appear natural , the objective is that your links are natural.    - Matt Cutts 

Note: Even top professional like Neil Patel, Darren Rowse who should receive guest posts are also guest posting and that makes clear that why guest posting can bring a major authority change to your blog. 

Guest posting can bring out a huge luck and traffic changer for your blog with the following improvements

Benefit 1: Branding of your blog will get stronger

Guest posting on popular blogs will create a strong brand for your blog including expansion, you do not know the trick but many popular bloggers who are now popular have taken the help of established professionals website holders to get their blog a descent position on google. 

You can take the example of author of blogtyrant, neil patel author of quicksprout, kissmetrics, crazyegg. 

Benefit 2: Getting established as a pro writer

Giving out guest posts tell that your content is extremely good and for that reason your blog got accepted to the professional website. Google knows everything, whether you are copying, where you are posting, and no body can trick google. Getting approved posts on problogger, copyblogger, search engine journal, entrepreneur, incomediary is not easy and google knows that and so that if your website gets a "dofollow" back link from that website then it can be a game changer for you.

Benefit 3: Back links

Many popular bloggers are just awesome and allows you to embed your bio to the posts including some anchor text which contains your website "dofollow" link and connection to your entire social media profiles. If you even try to get about 10 back links by guest posting to different pagerank blogs then after six months your blog will be as popular as theirs. 

Benefit 4: Can build real relationships

The most important benefit of all is relationship like think that your you are continuously writting guest posts on a particular website and your written content on their site is driving them huge traffic and leads so they will absolutely remember your name and bonding will get stronger. 

Many authors can even give you the opportunity to enter their team and they will also pay you some money generated from your ranked guest post.

Case study: A case study of bloggers like Ann smarty of myblogguest shows that when she used to guest blog on search engine journal, traffic kept coming with comments and came to know about the "About author" where she added up her links to website and social media with no paid back links, reviews, ads and that's the evidence of guest posting importance.

Content strategy #7: Add images with alt attributes and proper customization

image alt attributes

According to google webmasters, you can add alt attributes to your images and customize it to make it google friendly but have you ever asked the question that for what reason we need to use optimize our images. In some technologies like screen reader people are unable to view images so they only see the title and description that you provide about the images. These audience are also greater and google wants that everybody should feel user friendly while using their services.

When you are submitting xml sitemap to webmasters, just don't forget to submit image and video sitemaps which enables google to take care of your website more efficiently. 

Another reason for using alt attributes are that when you add the link to your images, your alt attributes act as a mode of anchor text to your links. And making it google search friendly we should also describe the filenames before uploading. Google says that having a single folder from where you should only upload the images are of immense importance. The most supported formats which should be uploaded are usually 


And it will be now fully optimized if your file fomats also match description about the image. Other thing which we need to avoid while inserting images in the blog are

Avoid 1: Avoid using images123.png, sasura.gif, bhilua234.jpeg 

Avoid 2: Not using sentences while giving file attributes

Avoid 3: Using different links for images using different hosts

Avoid 4: Keyword stuffing within alt attributes and file name of images.

Content strategy #8: How videos can improve your "dofollow" incoming links and readers

Dofollow links

First go an make an account on youtube and a channel for yourself to upload videos then after only you should read this part of strategy. 

According to Matt cutts, working since year 2000 in google says that to create natural back links we must use youtube videos. Many of you don't know that it is the second largest place where people visit after google with over 5 billion views per day. If you want to create a great band then you must have a popular youtube channel with over millions of views but you can also succeed without these things.

Somethings which you must follow while uploading videos to your channels

Do #1: Always use basic video editors to customize your videos so that it looks professional and entertaining for your audience. Do cutting of parts, adding frames, editing brightness.

Do #2: Edit the voice for making it suitable like editing the pitch, voice note, loudness. You can also use handbrake to customize your voice or song and change it so that it doesn't follows the copyright policy of youtube.

Do #3: Make always sure that this youtube channel is connected with your website and if continue copyright claims appear in your channel then it may effect the ranking and spamming of your blog.

Do #4: Upload videos consistently on a particular days on the week like friday or sunday. I know that creating videos take time and it is really hard when you are creating videos and content for your blog at the same time. But for getting a brand for your blog you need to upload daily. 

Do #5: For uploading great videos make sure that you are having all the editing softwares and DLSR camera to make highly hd videos to be uploaded to your channel and for making your videos get visitors attention.

Do #6: Make the videos related to the content of your blog like if your blog which is connected to your youtube channel then must be filled with the keywords that you mostly use on your blog. 

Do #7: Provide something unique and viral so that your video gets liked by the visitors and can help them solving their issues.

Content strategy #9: Recycle and reuse your content and publish via different mediums

recycle content

You can use your content as a source to post to different mediums and get free in bound links from there. When you will be starting a new blog like me, the only thing which you needed to do is to look in different places for traffic and audience so that it can bring you more readers. For creating a brand for yourself, you have to do that. Different social media campaigns can bring you traffic from different media. 

*Create a ebook or pdf

You can convert a part of your blog as a ebook and upload it at kindle or google ebook reader so that you can get visitors from there.

*Subscribe to podcaster

Many bloggers like Pat Flynn of smartpassiveincome have already generated millions of viewers and subscribers by his podcast campaign and 

is gaining popularity day by day on apple itunes. The only thing which you need to do is to just read out your blog post on the podcast player.

*Slides and powerpoint presentations

Slides can be a huge content driver for your blog if got popular, you just need to do the following steps like divide your blogs into parts and make a slide of your each part in power point with some extra customization and create a slideshow together. Now go to the slideshare and upload your slideshow and within few days you will start noticing the traffic coming to your blog.

*Youtube videos

Making a screen shot of your blog and converting it into a youtube video can immensely help you to bring back links and visitors to your blog.

Content strategy #10: Make an exceptionally good landing/welcome page on your website homepage

landing page

A welcome page shows the professionalism of your blog and explains about you that what you have donated to the entire internet including your e-book, topic written content, readers on social media and how popular you are, your subscribers on email, and many more.

You can also use an awesome tool to create your own landing pages by Getresponse landing page generator

How can a landing page can help you create more followers and gain authority and considered profitable by experts

Profit #1: Can help you gain email list 

This is the trick that most of the bloggers follow that if you are writing a guest post online for a "dofollow" link to your blog and attaching a link of your website landing page then you can directly convert the visitors into successful leads.

Profit #2: Your content analysis will be clear to the readers

In your landing page, what just you need to do is to divide your content into different labels and show the readers that what your blog focuses on like web development posts, html improvement posts, blog customization techniques. 

Profit #3: You will be display your social media popularity

"People believe what they see" so you must display the number of social media fans you are having and have a link to all the social following pages so that the readers can easily follow you.

Profit #4: Sell your E-book or affiliate products on your welcome page

By welcoming the visitors you can also sell them your e books of what you have learned so far and how to implement all the techniques to become a six figure income blogger online. Many bloggers are making huge benefits from these techniques. 


Writing long and lengthy posts with "nofollow" links to provide information and posting content on a consistent basis can usually take you mere positions that you have never thought off and do not ever forgot my guest blogging technique.

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