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7 strategies to kick-ass 100k+ followers, upvotes and increase traffic views on Quora

Having a large number of followers on quora is the dream of every user which cannot be achieved if your answers do not get upvotes and views. Quora has become the world's largest question and answer site where people are getting their answer to every question. It has an Alexa rank of 159.

Nowadays everybody wants to have a huge follower base on quora which can help them in achieving a lots of traffic to their blog. Quora is a powerful social media campaign which can help users in increasing traffic to their blog. Remember if you are new blogger just started blogging a few days ago and do not see at least 10 views on the new blog post that you just published on your blog, then for that bloggers the only source of traffic will be quora, and other popular social giants like facebook, twitter and google plus.

Many of you new and professional bloggers already know that if your blog website is less than 3 months old then google is not going to send you any traffic and rank your blog in any of the search engines. According to google algorithm, the google bot first check that whether the new blogger is posting genuine content so that it can start ranking your blog for the keywords you use the most or just blogging for the sake of fun.

Your new blog needs consistent high quality blog posting so that your website looks authoritative and professional in the eyes of thousands google bots which are indexing and crawling millions of website online.

Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals - Jim Rohn

The best way to drive traffic to your blog post is to write lengthy, high quality, using images on the quora questions day and night so that you can start receiving 1000+ visitors to your website from quora and other social media. Twitter can also play a big part in generating traffic.

My blog's second post:

The article which i am writing is the second one after the first one which was about

10+ accurate content strategies to increase blog traffic fast(in 6 months)

The main aim of my blog website is to teach people how to drive traffic in less than six months. I have decided to write only lengthy posts(5000+ words) with high quality content, optimized images, many "nofollow" back links so that it do not effect my blog rankings and mark as spam. The first post which I wrote does not drive too much traffic at first as it is a totally new post on a new blog but when i shared this post on my twitter account where I am having about 3800+ followers on twitter, it gave me a total traffic of about 116 page views after 8 page views that it generated when and after 2 hours when i published my first blog post. The only way to gather traffic to a new website is through social media for the first three months which quora can definitely do, you just need to choose a definite topic for which you want to get views on quora like

Quora topics:

*Website traffic
*Web development
*Online marketing

Writing about the topics which are having a large number of followers on quora can bring you a descent and loyal following and views on your blog. The only thing which you need to do is to write a 2500+ words post with 3-4 optimized images and 2 internal links to your blog. For questions which are having more searches on quora, a high quality posts is required for which you can rank for. Quora algorithm of ranking best articles on top works exactly like the google ranking algorithm and like google authority they are also having a authority tag for their good writers.

Strategies to follow to have 3000+ followers, upvotes and traffic in quora

Quora strategy #1: Select your topic fields for which you know everything(expert) and get followers

most followed topics of quora

Select your topics which are better known by you and for which you can write lengthy informative articles which can be liked and acknowledged by people. According to quora experts, a person who knows about a field better than anyone else should write on that topic only so that he can become the best writer and followed person on that perticular topic. The place where competetion is medium, we need to rank on that topic and not on that which are already having more than million followers.


You can notice Neil Patel who is a very popular entrepreneur but mostly write his content on topics having less than 1 million followers because he knows that if he becomes the most popular writer on that website traffic topic then he could extract all the followers and upvotes and transfer all the quora traffic views to his website which already ranks for many of the popular keywords.

You can too have a look at the most followed topics of 2017

Most followed topic 1: Technology - 22.4 million

Topic 2: Science - 18 million

Topic 3: Music - 16.7 million

Topic 4: Books - 16.6 million

Topic 5 : Movies - 17.6 million

Topic 6 : Health - 15.5 million

Topic 7 : Education - 15 million

Topic 8 : Food - 14.8 million

Topic 9 : Business - 14.6 million

Topic 10 : Visiting and travel : 14.2 million

Topic 11: Psychology : 12.2 million

Topic 12 : History : 11.8 million

These are the most followed topics on quora which can drive more followers and upvotes if answers get ranked on their first page. The person is likely to get more followers if he have done a work in that field.

Quora strategy #2: Writing high quality answers with external links 

High quality content

According to quora, your answer is been regarded as a blog whenever you write and gets ranked on the top of that particular quora question according to quora ranking algorithm. Writing long and lengthy informative with proof articles is only the trick to get at the top on quora. There are many quora users who receive thousands of followers and millions of views on their answers( ex. Daniel Tay). This boy uses to get millions of views on his answers following just the simple 10 methods:

Writing quality answers 1: Explain every answer with a story

Explaining and describing your answer with a story is the proof that what you are saying is absolutely correct. First write your answer and then at the last add a story so that people and visitors get connected to you and your thoughts and upvote your post. You answer should be specific and clear with lots of helpful ideas so that visitors realize that you are doing a nice work and follow and upvote your answers.

Writing answers strategy 2: Learn from top quora prize winner writers

Nobody has become great from the mother's womb, everybody needs to learn, work hard, and consistently to succeed in today. The most top writers of quora are Robert Frost who has got prizes from quora as top writer in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. Other top quora writers include Eric Bowersox and Denis Yarats.

Writing answers strategy 3: Freely link to other informative answers & writers on quora (suggested by quora's platoon sergeant Jon Davis)

Linking to other great writers and answers may get you more authority in the eyes of Quora and viewers. This internal linking is great if you can provide more quality information to the user by linking. The people who appreciate your work by commenting on your answers, you can give value to them by adding @theirname or @theirurladdress to your answers and thank them for their advice and the good comment that they offered.

Writing answers strategy 4: Avoid grammer and vocabulary mistakes

Your writing is the proof of your knowledge and people will judge you seeing your writing. You have put here your real name and you do not want people to comment bad on your answers so you need to write something useful with correct grammer and vocabulary. If you write extra ordinary content on a question but your grammer if fully incorrect then the people will automatically feel irritated and will comment in bad language in your comments and downvote your answers automatically.

Writting answers startegy 5: Write only the main points and in lists

People will usually get irritated if they do not find the write answer to the question and will usually downvote you then your authority ranking may get down which can usually effect your answer ranking on particular questions. Sharing with the proof and examples can usually help you value your answer. Low quality answers should get eliminated and low rankings.

Quora strategy #3: Using highly optimized images, infographics, slides

using optimized images

Have you ever noticed that many less quora answers have images in it so using images in your posts can separate you from the crowd and can help you rank quickly to the top for particular high traffic views question. It creates a great impression in the eyes of your visitors and force them to follow you on quora. More over the images which itself provides knowledge like infographics which can give your answer or post some back links from top ranking domains and also 100+ shares on twitter and facebook and other social media.

Convert your blog post into different slides and upload it to slideshare and after the content is created, share it on quora. Posts with images are more likely to share on social media with over 75% more.

As a image the png format images are the best as:

PNG 1: PNG uses 4 colour channel(RGBA)

The images can be transparent which makes the picture movable.

PNG 2: It supports gamma storing

The images of PNG format are different on different devices and laptops means images appear different in quality when viewed over a apple laptop and windows laptop.

PNG 3: Can be interlaced

PNG works too over low connection. It can show you blurred images even if the loading of page is not complete means you can understand it but after the loading is complete you can see the full high quality image.

PNG 4: Lossless compression

PNG images does not losses it quality even if loaded into a website and downloaded into folder and watched, the image will appear same as it appeared on the web page.

PNG 5: Color for each pixel is saved and unaltered

The color quality of the images is never reduced when uploaded to a website, it just gets saved and occurs differently on different websites.

But then also JPG is used more than PNG due to only single factor that it has smaller size and faster in terms of loading on web pages.

Quora strategy #4: Nothing has ever succeeded on web without promoting

blog promotion

Promotion of your content on social media is the first thing which you need to do. If you are having 20000 followers on twitter, 5000+ fans on facebook, 2500+ pinners on pinterest then it is ok. Your written answer on a particular question does not reaches the audience immediately, it takes time and management and specially social media engagement on your answer. If you want that your post gets high traffic views by itself then it will be taking time and luck ofcourse.

However the best ways to promote your content answers or post are:

Promote strategy 1: Contact an influencer on the web using BuzzStream 

This is a new strategy which recently came into media like if you are attaching a content or quote of the influencer and giving him a "dofollow" back links then he is more likely to share your content on his email list and social media followers.

The message which you will send to the influencer would be like this


Subject: Posted an article featuring you

Hi (influencer name)
I hope you are fine and going well,

My name is Juke from Increaseblogtrafficfast

I recently mentioned a (link,quote,your blog) about writing fresh content from (inflencer blog)

If you have time, can you just share this article.


Promote strategy 2: Use linkedln for promotion

Here you can contact with your expert that you have mentioned in your answer and literally ask them to share your content. You can also do a guest blog on their blog so that they are more likely to give a back link to your content.

Promote strategy 3: Ask and follow organisations on twitter to retweet your link

Many organisations online are always there which retweet and reshare your content. The thing which happens with me daily whenever i share a content on social media some twitter organisations one or two share my content to their millions and thousands of followers over 2.5 million to 65k followers.

Promote strategy 4: Promote using the help of Ahrefs, Open site explorer, BuzzSumo

These seo tools can get you the number and details of millions of back links that are connected to a particular site.
These tools can help you connect to your competitor back links which have linked to the same type of content, you just need to found out the linker and email 10 of them so that at least 1 of them link to your content.

Promote strategy 5: Make a youtube video of your content and share it

The best way to increase the number of views on a type of content is to link them using videos created in youtube. Use a top video editor like wondershare filmora and edit the video professionally so that it can create a nice impression in front of your visitors. You can also use Oneload to connect distribute your video  to different video searching sites including 15 to 20 video sharing sites and hence increase your content traffic and back links and establish the authority.

Promote strategy 6: Community sharing

The best strategy to communicate with different bloggers and marketers online is to share and connect your audience in large communities online. If your content is lengthy and with lots of information then it will automatically generate you a large number of views and links online which has been said by the Google webmaster analyzer Matt Cutts. Some of the popular communities online are TribePro, Triberr and Blog Engage.

Promote strategy 7: Use low cost paid traffic services

These services are good and provide paid traffic to your content and answers on quora so that you can generate a lot number of views without spending to much amount of money. Some low cost paid traffic services are LinkWithin and Outbrain.

Promote strategy 8: Create a blog and connect it to quora and share on Flipboard, stumbleupon, Digg and Reddit. 

There are many organisations which have a huge and large user base where you can create a magazine for your blogs and ask your top website developers and new sites to share you content.

Quora strategy #5: Ending or conclusion should be classic and outstanding

Everything depends on your starting and ending, According to writers, the persons who are able to write a nice conclusion at the end of their blog posts they are more likely to get 50% more shares and traffic than the others. You may provide a good summary, a nice quote, end with a high pitch so that your readers gets motivated and inspirational at the last and constantly share your post to their respective groups.

Quora strategy #6: Do not support and usually ask, advice and delete wrong answers

delete wrong answers

Quora is not just a place to write and receive views and followers but it is a place which shows your character and impression on the other users and that is the thing that makes you separate from the crowd. You don't need to value people who are writing wrong and excess stuff all the time to be just receive views and top ranking for their answers. You can just comment them and say them that the stuff that you have provided is completely wrong and in no way it is providing the accurate details in spite of the question that is asked. You could advice them, i am just not telling to fight with the user but let them understand peacefully.

You can also write an awesome article for that question only with particular proof and images and examples that proof the correctness of your answers. By putting the write answer for the same post can bring you a lot of upvotes and comments and people will also appreciate your answer and thank you for your correctness over the wrong answer provide by the other user.

In my view, people should always be thankful for the users who have corrected them because as many of you know

Your attitude, not your aptitude will determine your altitude - Zigg Ziglar

So learning from people and thanking them is the best character you would ever have and that's the attitude and behaviour which will take you to higher positions and becoming a great writer on quora in upcoming future.

Quora strategy #7: Write funny and engaging answers which people love to read and share

engaging content

It's ok to be yourself and writing answers in your own style by making people laugh and astonished, people will be more likely to share and upvote your post if it wins the heart of theirs. Funny content can get viewers fully engaged and discussed in your comment section. You can too post funny images and infographics rather than the gifs which are not allowed in quora till now whether the facebook and twitter have further allowed it to be posted.

 Acting more funny and open minded can also effect you in getting teased and played in your comments section so just do not cross your limits and be enjoyable. After some time, you will found out that you are getting a lot of attention for you answers and visitors are engaging too much on your posts.

Follow this steps and I am damn sure that you would be getting more views, followers and upvotes within a time span of six months.


Many people on quora often follow back when you follow them so you can also use this technique to create a large number of followers on quora. You would not believe that my half of the audience on twitter is due to the follow back policy of the people and also on twitter. Simply following the other steps will generally place you in larger league of followers and upvotes. These strategies have been already used by many and they have also succeeded using these strategies over a month of time. Best of luck.

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