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Blog marketing strategic guide :15 Pros and Cons of growing audience

A blog can be written by anyone but the ability to market and promote it online can only get you recognized on the internet. According to the latest study of 2017 it have been found out that there are more than 400 millions websites operating online which can be further sub divided into 180 million Tumblr sites, 85 million word press sites and 150 million blogspot blogs, and there are more on small self hosted websites like HubSpot, Technorati, Joomla, wiz, etc. Due to several web blog developing online tools , the growth of personal sites increased a lot and became a lot more easier otherwise someone who have a master knowledge in HTML(Hyper Text Markup Language), FTP(File Transfer Protocol) and CSS(Cascade Style Sheets) styles can only maintain and run a website. Nowadays, anyone can publish a post online using these highly popular online tools like blogger, word press, Tumblr, Joomla and wiz. Here leaving word press which is self-hosted can be only maintained by professionals, the other tools are free to operate which does not require any amount of money and offers almost a free domain and free hosting to get started.

Tweet: Great achievement is usually born of great sacrifice and is never the result of selfishness - Napoleon Hill

Blogs are of different types and have evolved a lot to provide information in the forms of visual display video sites, audio sharing, downloading and online streaming sites in the form of podcasts , photos sharing , government , educational, questions and answers blog. Blogging have evolved a lot in terms of loads of informational content through different media in order to achieve user friendly engagement. Large organisation started unique visitors to sign up to their forums and building community. Advertising campaigns and monetization started and user engagement increased online as a method of employment and earnings where anyone can try their luck and be rich overnight but many of them gradually failed to generate traffic and visitors online and quit after a year or two but those who didn't loose hope and continued providing unique and exceptional content online gradually got ranked by google within a period spam of 4-5 years and emerged as a new brand online who got established. Before the year 2010, it took almost 4 or 5 years to get ranked on google but now it has been lowered to about 1 or 2 years as a fact of latest updates to be visible to the visitors so that they might not see stuff that is about years older.

Different types of sites have been sub divided according to their traffic, the way of writing, the outreach and the number of followers like Multi author blogs, also called reverse blogs, these are based on certain topics are maintained by different types of author which can be friends, class mates, office members, etc. The sites which are operated by many owners are more likely to get success and traffic due to fact that the content publishing and promotion of stuff gets increased. Content based on media like photography, video, images, links, podcasts. Device operated sites, targeted topic based, aggregated based, corporate and private based, micro site based, personal and community based websites.

What is blog marketing?

Increasing the company product sales market and profit with the help of brand awareness through blogging out content based video, images and text information online is called blog marketing. Online businesses which were able to publish content consistently and regularly updated content on their website were able to increase their sales funnel profit by 200% average. People after buying a particular product always uses to research a little about it's details, reviews and effects it have been giving to the person who have further used it. Seeing a positive review, almost 80% visitors make their mind to buy it.

Many businesses online have became brands due to the implementation of content marketing. They believed in building a community of regular readers for them by joining to them through social media and subscribe them to feeds. Collecting emails from their unique visitors helped them to increase their sales conversion rate by 126%. Building a market for yourself online is the main thing who will be interested in your niche topic and will share and comment on your content and will act as a source of regular traffic, like and review your business online, buy and promote your products.

My fifth post:

Finally I am going to write my fifth high quality post about how to market and promote your content and grow your audience with some of the loyal readers online, wishing that one day my site will be noticed by google and will get top ranked for the keywords which I aim for in the future. My previous website was a failure , I could not say that because it have happened only a year and used to receive 300 visitors on an average making over 10000+ visitors for a month for the keywords based on android apps and software. I have left that blog for some time and nowadays over 2 weeks my total focus have been on this blog to post high quality and write lots of guest post on other popular sites to get awareness, targeted traffic and increase authority and page rank through back links. My last few posts were

All the four posts were written after a lot of research and case studies of many popular authors who were suceeded online using the following strategies. After analyzing about 10-12 posts I usually write so that  I do not run out of post and research after siting for writing. For a couple of days I have started publishing videos on web developing and commenting on large questions and answers forums to attract natural back links as said by Matt Cutts. My previous blog posts were doing well on social media like twitter and google plus and got me quite a hundreds of referral traffic and retweets. When your blog is long about 5000+ words and filled with quality images and info graphics then it is more likely that about 2 among 10 people who read your blog will share and recommend it on their social media. Now the only source of traffic for me is through social traffic because it have been only 2 weeks after launching so there on way that google will rank this blogs. Google will rank my content only after a six months period to see the consistency and loyalty of the new author and the speciality to attract referral visitors. My total visitors till now are 200 visits per post which is quite a nice. Secondly, giving my half focus on building links as without authority new blog posts will not be able to out rank your competition online.

If you want to live a happy life tie it to a goal, not to people and things. - Albert Einstein

Strategic guide to improve and grow blog audience

Growing a audience is easy when your content is written while doing well research which is unique and totally different than the rest ranked for the keywords. Google ranks a post based on authority which can only increased while publishing high quality lengthy content and getting do follow links from page rank sites. There are some things which a passionate blogger needs to follow from day 1 after launching their first post to succeed online.

(1) Shifting to self paid hosting and domain name on word press

Bloggers who want to do something serious and earn money from their content online must use a self hosted website other nobody in this world is going to take you seriously and your all the hard word and publications are going to be erased in vain. These are the lines which are said by about most of the professionals who are making thousands and even millions of dollar by applying different money making affiliates on their site. These are right sayings and even correct by them but if you are like me, who is just a mere student studying in some college and can not afford to host a website and a domain name then what is to be done. The fact is there are some people who are making money from adsense on their blogspot sites. Many people like me even think to earn some cash from their free hosted site and then buy online that will eventually going to take some time and newbies are definitely going to learn and experience before buying a website.

Do you know about 100% of all the professional bloggers online who are now earning millions now used to operate first a self hosted blog. Experience is needed to become professional so there is no problem in learning from tumblr, and blogger.

Why shift to paid hosting and domain rather than free hosting servers?

This is the question which first arises in every newbie's mind and it is the duty of professionals who have previously faced the same problem to clear that thing. You must have heard that "Every professional was first a beginner" and nobody have done it in one night, it takes thousands of hard working nights to do something.

*Self hosted sites can get deleted or erased anytime if it goes beyond the server limits like crossing a descent number of traffic visitors, noticing a spam activity on your site, identifying any sort of advertising rather than the google adsense, providing hidden and locked content features and many more. There are certain limits for free hosting providers and if you overcome those than your years of hard work is gone in no time. Another feature which is highly popular here is a flag feature which are used by haters to report a site to be spam and harmful to someone's religion or a media of people and your site gets immediately deleted by the hosted server.

*Ignored and not accepted for using blogspot hosting. Nobody is never ever going to take you for serious as soon as you are not shifting to a paid hosted word press server. Blogspot and tumblr blogs are just ignored and many times not accepted to various bookmarking and popular social media sites and even google(if your content is not rich enough). Popular bookmarking media responsible for many people's online success are Reddit, Stumble upon, Delicious and Digg and the fact is they do not accept free hosted domains. If any one of your blog's by mistake even goes popular on bookmarking media then it is going to send you so much traffic that would crash down your servers. Reddit is well known for crashing servers of websites by sending millions of traffic within a day.

*Prohibited to use advertising on blogspot. If you are on free server, then it is mandatory to use only the ads which are provided by them only and if you play any trick like adding in text ads from infolinks or banner ads from other advertising companies then it is sure that they will delete your site within a week without even advertising you. Here blogspot allows to add ads from google adsense only , and tumblr have their ads already enabled in the templates. Another most popular reason is that your domain will not be accepted by Buysellads which pay to cover ad space on your website which means that you will be paid exact 300$ and more(depends on your traffic of visitors) by providing space for banner ads for a month.

*People online usually do not respect blogspot sites. The reason maybe be it's bad design and template which does not suits the visitors or improper navigation. These sites are free and visitors usually do not trust it so they hesitate to subscribe to emails and feeds which makes a drawback. The dot com which are on paid hosting and have an awesome user friendly template catches the eye of users more easily and make them easily subscribe to newsletter as they know the people who are running it are paying each month and they must be providing something useful.

*Template and theme problem have been removed from both. Nowadays the major problem of having a responsive and mobile friendly template have gone. In both the free and paid, options for adding your new or choosing from a variety of themes have been given. If you need to display then the option of customization have also been provided. Doing whatever one wants to do with templates means no limitation with java script, cascade style sheets, and HTML coding.

*Secured hypertext markup protocol, security and privacy comes free in free hosting than the paid hosting for which you have pay yearly to avail these benefits. Secured protocol is also a important ranking factor in google and it is mostly required to secure the server who is used to store the personal details of the visitors like email, phone number and all other private information. Here the free version wins over the paid version.

*Cannot sell your free host site. Suppose you have started receiving thousands of traffic from the search engines for some particular types of keywords then it can be easily get sold on flippa where these can be easily sold up for thousands of dollars.

*No plugins will be available. There is another drawback that blogspot offers no plugins for different optimization options whereas there are even thousands of plugins available on word press to control your search engine optimization and help you out through for different java scripts and widgets.

(2) Selecting Responsive Web Template friendly on both mobile and desktop

A responsible web design which is more user friendly on both the mobile and desktop is everything as nowadays due to recent update of the "Mobilegeddon" by google many authors have started using and checking whether their site is responsive on mobile or not otherwise it is sure that it will be effecting your site's rankings and your site may even get penalized. According to the latest research you will be shocked that how the conversion and user rate have widely increased.

types of web template

There are mostly three different types of web designs used all over the world are standard, adaptive and responsive where the features have been given like that:

Standard web design

*Designed to be mainly fitted on the screen of computer
*Cannot be viewed through mobile devices and builds error
*Available only on big sized screens
*Takes less coding, time and memory space

Adaptive web design

*Have fixed dimensions for each and every large screen and small screen devices
*Need regular update and maintenance to keep up with the new screen sized mobile handsets
*Requires more time to develope, code and memory space
*Displays errors on various devices
*Visible on over 97% devices and increases awareness

Responsive web design

*Have fluid automatic layout enabled to get comfortable over every size and resolution
*No error on any mobile and desktop screen
*100% visibility and brand awareness
*More speed and quick page load
*No need to update screen size
*Requires more coding and memory space
*Costly than the others

Why mobile friendly design is important?

Many people already know that the average number of mobile users have already surpassed the number of desktop users to the search engines and not only in terms of visitors but also in terms of business sales and conversion rates by almost 3 times more. 60% searches on mobile lead to conversions within an hour by online shopping, phone call, and visiting the store. Over 80% people are more likely to purchase if the site is responsive and loading speed is fast. 79% users visit a review site before buying an product online. An average indian and american almost 4 hours a day on their mobile devices. About 85% of facebook users are accessing facebook through the mobile applications. These results usually show that how a responsive site and loading speed of a website can happen to a extreme loss or extreme profit to all the online marketing businesses.

(3) Unique Content Marketing strategy focusing on targeted keywords

According to google "Content is King" and it has been also proved by many people in the web. Without a unique content strategic plan it is really hard to achieve success online. There are some things which should be always kept in mind and added while publishing a blog posts. This strategy have been developed due to the years of experience and latest algorithm updates like penguin, panda, hummingbird of google

*Unique and lengthy content performs well in search rankings. The days are gone when people used to post a 200+ posts keyword based articles and it used to rank at the top of google but now the competition have increased a lot and to be seen in the search one have to write a 5000+ words post so that it defines the whole concept to the visitor when visiting the site. Lengthy content are used to get more social shares, comments and engagement than the short ones. For example, wikipedia where each article is greater than 3000+ words and describes about everything about the topic and for the reason it ranks for each and every keyword on the web.

*Contributing to other popular brands like Forbes, entrepreneur and more. Writing guest articles have been considered as the traffic trick which only less newbie's understand and follow. Contribution is important by which anyone can redirect do follow back links to it's website, increase brand awareness, build new relationships online, generate email leads and conversions. Success and traffic online do not comes easily and it takes a lot of time and hard work to do that by building followers on different platforms. For example, Neil Patel of kissmetrics have written written over 300 guest posts within a year, Bamidele of writersincharge contributed about 270 posts , Buffer increased their traffic to 10,000 visitors using contributing content.

*Keyword rich unique Titles and headlines. Unique titles are required now rather than than the same old headlines like "How to drive a car" , The title should be like this which can easily attract the eyes of visitors and force them to instantly click on your link like "Effective way to drive a car". Headlines are everything which are first shown to users and make a nice impression of what your blog consists off. Among the 100 people who visit your site 80 visitors will read headings and only 20 will read the whole thing. The title tags which have a number embedded to them of lists do well in search results.

*Include Case Studies in between the article. Case studies play a vital role to connect the people with your website through feeds and emails. Case study is that part of the content where a real life incident of blogging is shared with proof along images and screenshots. Suppose someone is writing a topic like "How I generated 10,000 visitors in a day" so here a clear study including all the methods to reach such a target should be clearly described with screenshots from traffic analytics so that the people can clearly believe and subscribe. The post which include a case study are likely to rank well in google.

*Different types of content formats should be used. Content can be written in many ways which enhance the reading qualities of user and appears to be giving more knowledge about the topic. The different formats of writing content are how-to-guides, post to give answers of certain questions, posts about the real life incidents, review writing, content about interview with professional people, content in lists, posting about some recent news, writing content guide of a recent survey, etc. These type of content are good in engaging the users and join your community online.

*Keyword planner and various topic generators can be used. Many people run out of topic and content or they may be in search to create new and unique content for a great news and absolutely new topic. New and trending posts rank much more fast than the evergreen posts. There are several generators online which can get you trending headlines and titles with all the search traffic that they are getting like Buzzsumo, feedly, content forest, What to write, HubSpot topic generator.

*Never post out of your niche topic. Suppose you are have started your website just next month and are continuously posting out content on different topics of high quality then also it will be of no means to search engine. Every newbie should first focus on a targeted traffic rather than sense less visitors. Targeted traffic is everything if anyone wants to build a great career online and earn money within a year because this type of visits gets highly converted into the sales and profit. This technique is also called "Buyer research persona".

*Promotions through influencer is important. Twitter can be a great place to get you influencers like if they share your content to their millions of followers then your post can generate almost thousands of traffic within an hour and your authority can be increased. The easiest way to contact influencers is that emailing them about your post or mentioning then in the tweet which includes your link. Other best way to promote is to join large readers base communities like reddit, blog engage, Business 2 community where competition is bit tough but after six months of use, your account achieves authority and gets visible on the front pages. Low CPC ads through outbrain can also be done which will show your content ads on popular websites.

(4) Proper Search Engine Optimization is required for google to notice content

what is seo

There are some key seo factors which should be corrected and optimized to let your website visible to search engines so that they could rank it accordingly. It is divided into two parts like on page and off page factors.

On page factors include mostly the accurate use of meta title and description tags which acts as a rich snippet and let's google identify your target keywords easily, proper submission of XML sitemaps and robots.txt file, an external directory file for storing all the cascade style sheets and java scripts so that it cannot enhance the page load speed, URL address of each and every page and post should be properly structured so that spider bots can identify and understand it, heading tags like h1, h2, h3 and h4 are all important and should be used to engage the user, maintaining a keyword cloud density is necessary so that your post cannot be marked as spam and stuffed with the same words. Many of you know that search algorithm has the  disability to read images and for that reason alt attributes and description of every image should be optimized to be ranked in image search, internal linking is other top factor to increase navigation and number of visits to decrease the spam rate. Matt Cutts, the former head of web spam have already said that every link to another site be do follow.

Off page factors usually refers to SEO that takes place behind your knowledge which can send you thousands of traffic if done correctly. These includes writing articles on huge user based question and answer websites like Quora, yahoo answers and stackoverflow, promoting and submitting your product information on the popular shopping e-commerce networking like kaboodle, google product search, MSN, Yahoo and style feeder, contributing free articles on various high page rank guest blog sites like Forbes, Hubspot, Huffington post and many more. Starting adding up your blog information on local directories will come first like on yellow pages, google and yahoo local maps, writing reviews and comments can also attract visits and links, publishing videos can also be great source to high conversions and branding of your business online, sharing your photo shop pictures and info graphics can add up thousands of back links and traffic to your business, link exchange or buying links, submitting business information to social bookmarking sites like Reddit, stumble upon, digg, etc, world directory submission is necessary because many countries run their own search engines, always be in attention to get do follow links from forums and comments. At last make sure that on each social media giants, a account containing link have been created for your business.

(5) Why Email Collection and Marketing is most important

Collecting and marketing emails is not a child's play. Many experts even say that one should start collecting emails the day they opened their business. Emails are best when it comes to conversion into sales and profit. There are over 150 billion emails sent on an average. This strategy is best to keep the visitors regularly visit and engaged so that the amount of loyal readers can be increased who share, comment and tweet on the social media and improve the awareness. It have been considered the best way of businesses to increase conversions and sales by over 80% in the market.

How to collect and market more emails? There are almost different ways to do it like opt-in email collector forms which appear on the site screen whenever the first time a unique visitor visits, provided locked or hidden content in pdf or text which can only get unlocked in exchange of emails(using popup word press plugin), using scrolling triggered pop up box which shows up whenever visitor moves down for collection and other use of it is reducing the bounce rate of users who come and leave the page immediately, applying timers, countdown or last date in forms to increase the collection is very helpful. Giving giveaways and contests like prizes and money online for the submission of emails and sharing of post on social media can increase your marketing by 90%, using snapchat to connect with your users can help. Whenever a person uses your free pdf or product or service like converters, generators, checker you can ask them for their emails. Another best way is to provide content like video, info graphics, secret guides,webinars and e-books in parts with exchange of leads or sharing or other options.

Many persons even provide their primary mails which they do not use anymore and which you can detect by sending 4-5 emails to them. Find out the active ones by zoho invoice and separate them out in the ms excel to clear out the odd ones and thus put the active ones in the mass email mailer.

(6) Write about 50 high quality posts first to connect and share with people

Writing a descent number of high quality and standard posts on a website is important because the people want to know about the product or service or the niche topic that you have been focusing on from a long time. Becoming a consistent writer is important but that does not mean to write 100 words content and publish it everyday. A well researched and analysed content with over 5000+ words and image proofs are well ranked by the search engines and easily win the trust and loyalty of visitors. Many people does not spell the sentence clearly or say it in a wrong way like "A page without traffic is lonely place" but according to me it should be "A page without quality content is a lonely place".

There are some things which you must draft it or save it in a piece of paper before going to write for a topic or title

*Firstly, Sort out more searched Long Tail Keywords, writing for a low valued topic is of no means whether you get ranked at the top of searched results. Nowadays, titles containing one or two words is extremely hard to rank due to the high competition whereas long tail with 3-4 words performs extremely well in search. Suppose writing for "body building powder" cannot get you more visits but if you write for "body building powder in India" can automatically get thousands of targeted visits with less competition. Such type of targeted persons can be easily regarded as conversions or sign up for the business. There is another important basic thing which must be known to you that due to the recent updates page understanding bots have now become more advanced so if anyone writes about the topic for fishes then the additional details like foods for fishes, place for fishes, temperature pressure for fish to be kept, etc everything should be mentioned in details and as a sub header. For help in finding the keywords the following tricks can help like the google auto suggest, keyword planner, full featured anchor text describing the whole total link, research about the topic.

*Secondly, Titles and headlines make up a really important part of the article like organizing the long tail keywords strategically so that it ranks and performs well. Headline can a question or some positive lines or quote to encourage the reader.

*Thirdly, Internal linking to each one of your popular and most commented posts is important and also as a anchor text within the post. Wherever you come at a point to describe the same fact for which you have written a long article before then automatic linking the article anchor text below attracts almost 80% of readers reading your previous post. Internal linking adds more value, user experience, fast indexing and professional behavior.

*Fourthly, Research before writing anything. Providing unique and writing what the user wants will lead to professionalism. In an article there should be something describing new things and other topics you can research through wikipedia, wikihow, forbes, mashable, techcrunch(for tech related stuff). These branded sites are loaded will tons of content and almost everything can be found out there.

*Fifthly, Making the user engaged through questions, case study and real life incident. Case studies increase the user concentration because it is based on thorough research and imprints one's own experience and strategy used. Headlines for case studies are like "How I generated 100,000 visitors in a month", "How I got my first product sell online". These types of posts gets most comments and shares and lots of comments on your article can force higher rankings.

*Sixth,Content which includes images, videos, briefly describes and to the point topic, continuous updates and above 5000+ words works extremely well in rankings and within a nine month period of time it can occupy a well spot for the targeted keyword. The part is fully proved by Neil Patel and Wikipedia.

(7) Start acquiring and creating do follow back links after 3 months

backlinking authority sites

Building link partners and gathering do follow back links from other websites is what we should start doing after 3 months of writing 50 quality posts. There are many strategies to be followed in order to build high quality entries from large brands. There are over 100 black and white hat strategies to get good page rank.

Without links there is no way that you are going to rank for a high competition keyword but now I am going to describe the most awesome ways to build it.

*Finding abandoned and expired domains on auction sites(godaddy) or domain hunter available online
*Starting affiliate program and sending direct links
*Exchanging links with your community bloggers
*Contribute or editing wikipedia pages (no follow but can send nice traffic)
*Be partner with your ecommerce competitors and share linking
*Ask the expired blogspot site owners(PR5 and more) to showcase your website
*Contributing guest article is still the king
*Come in contact with journalist and news editors of popular news brands and ask them for a link
*Join large organisations
*Check your analytics to notice recent mentions of your blog on twitter, facebook, sites and ask them to connect
*Submit job details including connection to large job sites like monster, naukri, etc
*Share you work among friends and relations called offline marketing
*Outreach formula: mention someone in your blog and ask them to share it on their sites
*Building up free sites and getting do follow links from blogspot, joomla, wix, tumblr and word press(dot com)
*Video publishing on youtube, daily motion
*Ensure professional of their broken links and ask them to put your URL
*Be active on social bookmarking sites like reddit, stumble upon,etc and forums, questions and answer sites(quora,yahoo),community(blog engage,triberr)
*Info graphics and image sharing
*Interview popular and huge money earning bloggers and ask them to link you.
*Always look after educational and government sites for submission
*There are many directories available which can get you connections like article directory(,blog directories(,company directories(Hotfrog),html5 directory,ebook(,free web(website launchpad),info graphics(,logo submission(,application submission(Appolicious), media document(scribd), niche based submission(, paid(Yahoo), podcast submission(podcastdirectory), RSS(feedage), template submission(, video(vimeo), web 2.0 (hubspot), widget submission(gadgetsdirectory)

(8) Try to get featured and guest blog on popular brands

Brand awareness is the main thing which you need to do from starting. In many cases link building is not the main motive behind contributing your article but it will be get exposed to thousands and millions of readers online and on social media. Nowadays, due to the fear of low quality websites many popular brands fear that their page rank must go down or rankings may fall suddenly so they do not allow the do follow link back policy but your author bio and personal information and profile image can do away the trick.

There are some brands where getting featured is almost a dream come true for a writer online like Forbes, huffington post, lifehacker, techcrunch, hubspot, search engine land, kiss metrics, entrepreneur magazine, problogger, and business insider.

(9) Connect to all Social Media and Bookmarking sites adding your website link in profile section

Building social community is important on all the large platforms like twitter, facebook, pinterest, google+ and linkedln. Opening a page on each of them and maintaining them separately is a hard job and you do not have enough time to run and be active on each of them so there is a application or online software available which can do all the sharing of your new posts on all of them and also according to a perfect timing separately.

Many people may think that it is a waste of time on social media to bring traffic but the fact is the people who mostly comment and share your article are from these social readers only, they are loyal and follow your site with passion and share it to their followers who become familiar with the topic. There are automatic online tools available by which you do bot have to take the responsibility of sharing your each post several times on different platforms like Buffer which comes for free and only some of the features like sharing on linkedln page is premium. The features available are that you can select the days and timings when and where your post should be submitted whether to share on weekdays or weekends or both. There is another software connected with buffer like followerwonk which keeps in mind that at which time the most of the people are active and post at that time only. Scheduling the same post with changed titles but same link ten times at 2 hours interval will be great. Applying this strategy increases the awareness of brand and the same article looks unique each time due to the change in headlines. The other social sharing online tools include, wordpress sharing plugins.

How to manage facebook?

*Starting a new page and adding profile pic, cover photo, title and description including a logo.
*Engaging your friends and other contacts to join
*Join popular groups related to youe niche and topic to attract followers
*Mention brands and famous people in posts
*Make facebook like and share box and embed it on your website
*For a descent following use facebook sponsored advertising
*After reaching a quite thousand followers build relationships with competitors and exchange sharing
*Each post would be embedded with hashtags, links, and images.

How to manage twitter?

*Twitter can do wonders if maintained correctly.
*Sign in and add domain name as user name, add description in the bio with links, exact location and site url address, and twitter profile pic
*Tell your contacts and friends to follow you
*Make a twitter follow button and place it on blog
*Follow people with messages and asking them to follow back
*Build twitter list of people who have got at least more than 5000 followers and mention them
*Follow and unfollow user after follow back each month because the limit is 2000 only
*Register to buffer to manage sharing and scheduling of posts
*Get in contact with competitors through twitter
*Sponsored advertising to promote tweets if necessary

How to manage google plus?

*Sign up and make a google plus business page
*Try to get google authorship for your page to increase trust and click through rate(CTR)
*Join different communities and get members to follow you
*Try to get +1s and comments
*Try to direct google+ comments with your blog
*Try hangouts and community engagement
*Make people to join your circles
*Connect this account on buffer and schedule your articles
*Try paid advertising

How to manage linkedln?

*Sign up for a new account and add a nice profile pic, bio including link
*Open up a linkedln business page and add you website image url address
*Connect to all the people and ask them to like the page
*Tell connections to add up more people for page
*Join communities and group discussions
*Schedule and organize articles on buffer
*Sponsor your page for some extra connections

How to manage pinterest?

*Create a new account
*Open up various boards where you will be uploading the images
*Open a account not personal but with business tag
*Connect it with twitter and facebook so that existing contacts will find you
*Tell your contacts to follow and pin your images
*Add the pin it mouse over button to the website images
*Promote pins to reach some amount of followers

(10) Implement Social Media follow and share buttons

Here I am going to describe the how to build embed social follow and share buttons within a box on your website so that visitors visiting your blog can easily join your community on social. Building a large group of people socially shows up your website power and strength and visitors are more likely to subscribe and trust.

There are different types of plugins and java scripts available to help you add social buttons. 

*Jetpack for word press shares your updated articles to some social networks. Go to word press dashboard>settings>sharing.
*Buffer and
*Twitter word press plugin
*Sign up at Addthis which can create follow, sharing, scrolling buttons,icons and forms for social networks or collecting emails.
*Mashable all in one social box widget- Follw the details and add social follow and profile addresses.

(11) Recycle your content into different media publications and increase traffic 

recycle blog posts

Re purpose your article can bring lots of traffic and links from different sites. Many people have different view of learning something, some take the form of images, videos, slide shows. After publishing the post, you can simply convert it into other form of sharing information like

*Converting article into pdf is important. Many people often like to download the chart and view it offline on their free time in the pdf viewer.Just copy and paste the content into docstoc(pdf converter) and host it at the google documents and embed the link amd make it available for downloads.

*Make slides of article parts and upload to slide share, scribd, slideworld,  by copy and pasting the article content into slides using power point presentation.

*Make strong and lengthy info graphics by power point or infographic makers online which have been popular from a long time and can bring back thousands of do follow back links from popular sites.

*Make videos with your content. According to Matt cutts video developing is the best way to generate back links from all the popular websites. Many popular video sharing sites are facebook video, yahoo, vimeo, viddler, dailymotion, share videos, shutterfly, and youtube.

*Podcast can also be helpful and bring lots of people to your website like Pat Flynn from the smartpassiveincome. Reading about your article on a mike and recording it on your laptop can create a podcast which can be uploaded to Apple itunes podcast.

*Create a webinar with articles and invite people to watch it at midnight.      

(12) Increase sales traffic and profit through paid search and social media

Many of you have already heard the term that "To earn money first you have to spend it" which is a real quote. Paying for followers and likes is good at the starting to create a group of people to maintain the community. There are different strategies to benefit the most from the paid social media available online like

*Facebook advertising is the most powerful tool online which has over 1.1 billion users according to latest estimates. There are different options to pay for likes, page likes, visits to site, post engagement, app installs, app engagement and more. Steps are settings>facebook ads>clicks to website>select related image>page title>payment and done.

*Twitter advertising is second most popular tool for developers and have changed the life of many online writers in terms of job and awareness. Here you can pay for number of retweets, followers, page views and engagement, keyword targeting.

*Advertising on linkedln is best if conversions and sales are meant for your business. Go to sign up linkedln sponsored ads>set up ads>target keywords>payment and over.

*Sponsoring ads on bookmarking sites like Stumble upon and Reddit are good and can bring you loyal readers. Content formats like guides, info graphics, list view and slides does extremely well on them.

(13) Secret Techniques to increase blog traffic and visibility in search engines

*Find broken links and contact the owner to replace it with your article and among 10 requests there will be 1 author who will approve your request. Finding dead links can be a huge burden so you have to be active and use several software to do it.

*Updating and republishing can improve rankings and traffic and engagement to the post. Update also because after years of publish it gets old and after some time it gets lowered and ultimately gets removed but due to the continuous updates year after year can maintain it on the same spot.

*Link to high page rank pages can only get you out of loneliness and get you attention in the world because this can get your website authority and make trust to google that the content on it is totally true and high quality so different popular authors are connecting to it.

*Google search console can find your pages which are residing other than the first but if you can send some internal as well as external connection to them, they can improve and within a week come to first page.

*Make sure good title and long and lengthy descriptions of 400 words are provided for your online published videos because these videos can also rank on the google first page and bring back connections.

*Follow the skyscraper strategy, see all the results for a keyword on the first page, note down somewhere and make a awesome 2000+ words content better than the above and publish it with 3-4 images and at least a single video. Longer posts always surpasses a 400 words content and this is the new rule after the google algorithm updates.

*New and beginners should always focus on the low competition search using keyword planner and try to rank for those because going step wise on the web can only work and ranking for high traffic keyword is difficult and requires quality publish.

*Follow 80/20 rule which means spend 20% of time on the writing and 80% time on sharing, promoting and building connections on social media and websites

(14) Building relationships and brand awareness with professionals

Contributing articles as a guest and continuously engaging with the writers can help them notice you.

The best ways of building relations are

*Engage with writers and authors through comments and emails and share each one of their posts to let them notice you as a loyal reader and follower of their all social accounts.

*Create a spreadsheet on google documents mentioning all the members of community who would share each other articles on their respective social media to increase awareness and traffic. Ask them to also link in exchange of connecting them back.

*Value influencers and writers by mentioning them and tagging them on the twitter and facebook lists. You can email them of screenshot of image of adding them.

*Writing a article on your blog just about the popular writer like interview or achievements and emailing them about it and asking them to share and value it can actually build relation and trust linking between both.

*After continuous efforts and comments to get noticed in the eyes of professionals, ask them to accept your contribution post in respect of giving a do follow back link and more. Case study, review and guides are more accepted than rather simple articles.

(15) Professional SEO software to out rank your competition 

SEO software can be a companion to help in struggling days to become a great writer and get millions of visitors within a month. There are different software which are meant for doing various jobs like linking, ranking, quality widgets, social followers, branding, error analysis and correction, keyword planner , on page and off site seo checker.

The top ranked ones are

*WebSEO - It has been ranked on spot 1 for maintaining search engine optimization, social media marketing, internet marketing, keyword finder (long tail), how to fix all internal and external connections, rank checking for each of your keywords on google pages, and reports to all the errors on your website.

*Advanced web ranking - Allows to keep an eye on the competition links from pages and the keyword for which they are ranking.

*Botify - Helps in search marketing to increase the number of organic visitors, revenue from all the search engine giants like google , yahoo and bing

*Seo Powersuite - This is an awesome tool to get new oppertunities and connections online including everything needed to rank, competition overview, keyword ranks and analyzer, seo tools, etc.

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