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Guest blogging approval guide without getting penalized

Many people who have visited this site are either the ones who's are not getting accepted for the guest post submissions or who want to know that how to approve bloggers for guest blogging on their website. Guest blogging approval on various popular sites like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Huffpost,etc are not easy and requires lots of hard work and consistency. There are different guidelines for the submission of guest post to various popular sites. Guest blogging is not dead and this works as the major factor for the success of a particular website online. Many websites provide back links for your guest blog in your author bio or a link in the middle of your guest post instead of money.
guest blog is okay again

Note: Guest blogging can often cause harm and penalty to your website if done in a wrong way as said by Matt Cutts, the search engine head of google. Many high page rank websites who provide dofollow links to website in return of money are often been referred to as spam in the eyes of google algorithm so one should be always careful in terms of building links and providing links and make sure that it comes from a quality and authority blog.

But the fact is that nobody has ever been successful in the world of blogging without generating quality dofollow links from high page rank websites. For example I have also provided the case studies of some professional bloggers who became successful in less amount of time and generated millions of traffic to their blogs. The only trick to success online is to build a great authority and quality links and it does not mean that you have to write thousands and hundreds of high quality blogs on your website.

Sorry for all the drama I caused with the guest blogging apocalypse. Guest blogging is okay again. My Bad. - Matt Cutts
You can check the tweet here.

My blog's fourth post:

I have managed to write three outstanding high quality, 5000+ words lengthy and informative content, seo friendly post with optimized images and managed linking. You can visit using the following,

My first post generated about 200 visitors from twitter and others, 2nd and 3rd posts managed to collect a total unique visitors of 120 visitors from social media and that's good for a new blog spot blog as many blogs even fail to gather a total of 10 visits to their first blog within months.

There is no way my blog would be generating traffic from google search as it is only two weeks old and according to google algorithm no blog can rank for a particular keyword if it is less than 3-6 months old. My previous blog also generated traffic from google after 3 months time and it was for a hacking strategy trick about android app, the post was written in the start of February and was ranked in google for #1 in the month of April. My previous blog was a failure and I have understood that it will be never generating much traffic from web due to it's scattered content over a topic niche as it is not focused on a particular type of content and is brings traffic for different types of keywords.

My full focus is now on this blog and let's see what happens, according to experts focusing only on building quality back links through guest blogs, FAQ forums, directories, different bookmarking sites and following tricks. Secondly, on writing 5000+ quality hard written and well researched content. Thirdly, on search engine optimization techniques so that it gets responsive and user friendly on every device.

Things you need to know about Guest Blogging

#1. What is guest blogging?

Guest blogging is defined as the blogs that you write for another professional author's website after getting the authorization from them and establishing yourself and your website as the brand. Your blog gets shared among the thousands and millions of readers and followers who are connected to them via emails, social media giants, feeds, and regular visitors. It can be done for different purposes like increasing traffic to your blog, building dofollow links, generating email leads and followers.

Nowadays, this method has became more spam and is responsible for the penalization of many top websites. Matt Cutts the former head of google search team says to always add nofollow attribute tag to refer a link so that it does not look spam and accept guest posts from only high quality websites as low quality websites connection can lower your search rankings and you can often get penalized. This method become spam when people started asking for dofollow links in return of money. According to him, there are also different ways of making natural links like

writing unique content, publishing videos and getting social media engaged like twitter, online communities, reddit, etc. This applies for both who are writing articles and who are publishing others articles.

#2. Why guest blogging? (Do not forget the real motive)

Everyone who writes articles on other websites, they just not do it for free. There should be always a real motive for why you are doing it as matter of knowledge or increasing your own brand awareness. Many new bloggers usually do it for the following purposes like

*Selling or promoting their product and giving you commission on every sale
*Generating high quality page rank "dofollow" links to their website
*Increasing blog visitors and followers to their source
*Developing yourself as a well known and established writer
*Making your target audience aware of your presence

The first reason for selling and promoting a type of product which is suitable to your type of niche is in huge demand and many people who are maintaining their affiliate businesses online are using this type of method only by which they are earning huge income to give your commission too. But now this strategy is dead due to the fact that people are busy in selling their own advertisements online and have no time to advertise others. The fact is why should they let others sell on your blog, when your you are busy promoting yours.

About 90% of the bloggers who write articles on others website are mainly doing it for generating back links(dofollow) to their site so that they can compete with their same niche writers. According to google algorithm, the whole web runs on linking as the fact that your website will not get authority and respect it does not get linked by high quality websites. Google does not ranks your website immediately and waits until website gets a lot of quality content, updated frequently and getting recognition from other websites. May your content is fake and is just a joke but when somebody well known and recognized connects to you then the value of your content rises and gets authorized by over 100% and which acts as a proof that you have written a quality content and gets well ranked by google.
Matt cutts guest blog review

Focusing on your competitors is always important and necessary because you are also trying to rank for those keywords for which they do.

Making known in front of your target audience is required and that will be only done by writing articles on competitor blogs. There are many online software available which can help track down the progress and recent activities.

Building name is the biggest thing which you need to do, like a article got well ranked and acquired top position which gets thousands of visitors everyday and a author bio is attached at the end of guest writer then people will automatically come to know and recognize the name.

#3. Finding guest blogging sites according to niche keyword

Now after knowing about the techniques we have to move to the next level like finding high page rank websites to write articles. Google search algorithm is immense strategic in terms of links whether is from the low level or high level page. Firstly you need to identify the difference between the spam and the natural links.

For example you are having a blog focused on "how to increase blog traffic fast" so I will be writing articles only related to website development during contribution but if having a "body building" site and submitting my articles to sports based website can result in spam detection by the search.

How to find the quality sites?

There are certain keywords which you need to write in the google search box for getting the perfect guest submission websites.

"your niche keyword"+"submit guest post"
"your niche keyword"+"guest post guidelines"
"your niche keyword"+"contribute here"
"your niche keyword'+"submit blog here"
"your niche keyword"+"guest writer wanted"
"your niche keyword"+"post written by"
"your niche keyword"+"post by"
"your niche keyword"+"contributor"
"your niche keyword"+"article by"
"your niche keyword"+"article writer"
"your niche keyword"+"write for us"

Install SeoQuake to get SEO information about the blog

seoquake seo bar

SeoQuake is a chrome extension mainly used by the professional writers and bloggers to bring out the whole total details of a particular page and you will kindly shocked that it makes all it available for free without any cost. By using this extension on can easily find out the following

*Details about external and internal links
*Keyword ranking difficulty about the searched word in percentage(%)
*Total number of root domain and web page back links by Semrush
*Spy your competitor domain and links analysis by SERP
*Baidu link and index checker
*Google links
*Sub domain links
*Competition rank
*Yandex catalogue and index
*Semrush rank, traffic analysis, video adv and price
*Webarchive age of domain
*Whois details
*Alexa rank and major ranking keywords
*Google, yahoo and bing index
*Pinterest pins and linkedln shares
*Facebook likes and google +1s

All of them can be customized and only those results will be shown which you mark for in a horizontal bar view or a vertical bar view. You can also save the data in a form csv file.

#4. Top quality blogs where you can contribute

There are about 10 largest websites where anyone will dream of getting their post approved

*Huffington post - submit
*Forbes - submit
*Entrepreneur magazine - submit
*Business insider - submit
*Lifehacker - submit
*Tech Crunch - submit
*Search engine journal - submit
*Search engine land - submit
*Kissmetrics - submit
*Problogger - submit

Starting small is the biggest technique you can use build your empire like if you are having a full new website opened just after a month ago the you can merely focus on the writing lengthy content and nice structured navigation throughout your website.

#5. Case studies to proof its importance on the internet

guest blog case study

To make the people believe in something the thing we need is the proof and example in terms of case studies and photographs. Here I am going to write about Neil Patel who wrote about 300 articles on other websites and learned a lot. He has also contributed to the most popular brands on the internet like feedly, inc, entrepreneur, inbound, social-buttons, searchenginejournal, getpocket, blogtyrant and contentmarketinginstitute and of course wikipedia which send him about 1000-5000 visitors each month and about 300-400 emails. According to him, posting to brands which have over millions of social media user base is best as there the conversion rate and branding rate of your business is more, the more people will come to know about your business the more authority it will be establishing.

Getting the chance to blog over high profile brands is not easy and if got it works as a lucky charm for you. Neil prefers that the posts written in list view works the best and people are more friendly with it in terms of reading, commenting and sharing it over their social media. Here domain authority is everything and popular blogs like huffington and search engine journal domain authority is so high they could rank for any keyword on google. Focusing on the large visitor based title keywords is important while making a contribution because for which keywords you cannot rank will get the help of their authority. Neil Patel generates about 25,000 visitors through contribution on other sites due to the fact that he has contributed a lot more than his competitors and it all sums up to give him such a huge one way traffic. Simple and unique content gets more accepted and appreciated by the author which are of 1500 words in length. Posting on different sites is very important so that back links can be continually generated. Here was the experience study of Neil.

There is another famous blogger Bamidele who shared his contribution report about his most successful posts. He submitted his first blog(zero to fifteen hundred comments in four months) at maxblogpress and by then his site got ranked at the top lists in alexa. He received a total of 800 visitors with 260 subscribers and 40 comments and uses to receive 100 visitors per day. Secondly, post at problogger used to generate him 1500 visitors with 500 subscribers within that month. Thirdly, post at daily blog tips gives him 600 visitors and 120 subscribers per month. Fourth, post at SMI(smart passive income) gives him 1000 visits and 220 subscribers per month. Fifth but not the last, post at shoutmeloud gives him a total of 400 visits and 180 leads per month. The useful advice by Bamidele was that all the posts that he have written were merely a case studies of his own experience and that's why he was used to generate so much referral traffic.

#6. The real benefits behind the contribution

The benefits of posting have been usually increased by lot and it helps new businesses to set up by an quickly and easily. The major benefits have been listed below which may change your view towards this method

Increasing email and feed collection

Blog contribution can immensely helpful in terms of generating leads. Many websites are even paying a dollar for each lead that is whole lot of money. Emails can be huge thing when it comes of building a large readership online. Many professional advice of collecting emails from day 1 so that you can utilize it afterwards. If your contributed blog posts goes viral then you will be generating a whole lot more subscribers than others as a fact that suppose the your home link is present in the bio or author section below your post and people are more likely to visit your home page when they feel something interesting about you and your site. Always keep in mind that traffic visitors coming from the link provided on other websites are more likely to converted into leads because people will not leave a branded page just to visit your homepage so it should be more helpful if you convert your homepage into landing page to generate more emails.

Awareness of your brand to a large user base

Many authors do not only contribute for the sole purpose of dofollow back links but their real motive is to make their name and photograph available on the author section below the contributed post to make themselves appear as a professional writer in front of millions of readers.

Generating traffic is not the main thing, making your brand aware to all is the main thing then eventually people will be searching and looking for you in the google web search.

For example, a post of your's on another's blog got viral and appeared on the first page which is attracting more than 10,000 visitors on a daily basis and keep aside that your blog link is getting 200 visits. Many people with small minds will be obviously thinking that they are only getting 200 visits but the big minds will thinking the way opposite that their name and brand has been published and shown in front of the thousands of persons daily and millions on a monthly basis. If your content is good then it is obvious that they will visit. That's why posting on competitors site is always helpful as you also focusing on the same target audience.

Build natural and effective links

why guest blog is a spam

Dofollow links from contribution sites add authority and page rank value to your brand but having nofollow links in the middle of the post can also bring huge visits to your site. Due to the recent consideration of Matt Cutts to guest blog as spam many professional bloggers have blocked the way in to contribute in return of links. They have merely stopped accepting posts and only accepts posts from some renowned writers and link exchange(authors who add link in return of putting link). According to Matt natural linking is the only way out which can be done by publishing videos, info graphics and images. Many new authors do not create their own images and info graphics and use the google search images to post on their blogs which are serving as the natural links for your brand.

Writing skills development

Writing posts as contribution can too remind you of your silly mistakes when you will be reading your comments and owner review. The language which should be used to be simple and worthy so that people love it and share it on the social media. Too much use of high vocabulary and hard words can destroy understanding your piece of content.

Increasing the referral traffic 

The traffic which will be coming from contribution may not be more but it should be always kept in mind that drops of water fills up the bucket.

One day like Neil who have contributed over 400 posts gets visitors from all of them to do a total of 20,000 referral visits. Quantity and quality when combined can do wonders for your blog.

Domain authority and page rank will increase

Have you ever noticed that the visitors which come from the social triggers like reddit, stumbleupon and digg are frequent visitors and do not spend more than 5 seconds on your blog and move your bounce rate to over 90% but referrals from the contribution posts are more likely to spend over 5 minutes researching your content and 80% more accurate to be converted into a lead. Bounce rate and user engagement main factors that your website receives a suitable page rank and authority.

Author profile or bio will improve your presence

guest author bio

Have you ever noticed that professionals usually use a particular type of image to represent them and never change it. They always want to make sure that the people who have seen their images on others website must be able to identify them on their respective blogs. Your profile is everything and you should make sure your all social media connections links are present over there including the site link. Make sure the profile pic and name should never get changed and identify original character in front of all the visitors.

Connect through comments

If you are writing for a large reader base it is obvious that about a 100 comments will be posted below by readers and then you will be connected to a number of people who will recognize your work and appreciate it, but there will be some who will be not. As a contributor it is the duty of you to reply each and every one of them whether they write wrong or write about you. There are some people in your comments who will want to connect and do link exchange or any other business with your brand.

#7. Guest blogging guidelines to follow at the time of writing

Every writer blog have their own guidelines which is to be followed and kept in mind while submitting it. The guide lines are

  • Always writing point to point and to the topic with unique content is important and creative mind is always needed.
  • At first send a little information about your post with headline and conclusion and how lengthy and unique the content is and wait for the author reply
  • Focus on the readers is important and writing shared content is important, the thing which will be new to them, entertain them and lengthy of about 5000+ words then it is more obvious that it will be shared by them in all the social media profiles. The post which is long and about 5000+ words lengthy then it gets 60% more shared and comments.
  • Case studies are important in every article to proof the fact that you have written something meaningful, proof through screenshots and images gets more shared and linked. 
  • Bio or Author profile should be provided according to the need, like a link to your website and all the social media profiles including the feeds and your occupation tag.
  • Submitting only the half content and asking feedback annoys the reader so you just need to embed your whole article in a word document or email and send it for approval. Large sites do not sell or reuse your content without consent.
  • Once after submission there will be times that your content gets edited and some portions will get deleted but everything is done to avoid readers emotion and increase user engagement.

#8. Mistakes to avoid while post submission

There are some mistakes which every blogger should avoid while contribution to other websites keeping in mind that the respective links can destroy his rankings or improve his rankings for a particular keyword. A single mistake can reject your post so there are some facts which should be always considered while writing the post

Must link to your website

Search engine optimization and awareness of your brand is right but without a link back to you is of utmost importance because nobody wants to provide content just for free and you are taking a link(no matters whether dofollow or nofollow). Gaining authority is the most important thing for your blog domain and make sure that a link is there right back to your home page in the author bio section or anywhere within the post.

Focus on targeted niche blogs

Sometimes large audience is not enough if it is not targeted and it is of no use when people will not be able to understand your piece of content.

There are many news related blogs who write about everything and get ranked about each keyword due to their domain authority. But according to experts writing for a simple one way audience traffic generator is necessary if a lot number of emails and referrals you want to create.

Do not mention about your brand

There are many people who write a strategic content and mention about their own brand in between to fool authors but they should be clear about the fact that their content is checked twice by the agents before publishing. By mistake if you get a chance for writing on the popular ones then do not include promotional and advertising.

About a dozen of things are there before submitting your post like checking that the content gets regularly updated, has got a vast audience on social media, copy and paste someone else topics and writing, penalized sites (create a bad impact), where contributors are more in number, bad responsive template and design, more number of advertising ads are present and it is hard to read main content, author is well known prize winner or not, Alexa rankings and information.

#9. Pitching should be done in a professional way

Professionals do not accept posts from unknown and new writers online and for getting accepted either you have to pay money or show yourself as the expert who have written posts over many popular brands and had been got featured on Forbes and Lifehacker. But a new to internet blogger who have just learned about contribution and have not written at least a single post on other site can apply the following posts to get accepted like looking for authors who are wanting writers online, email the ones who mention your brand names and link in the twitter posts, their articles, and ask them for exchange of links. The email which you would be sending would be so nicely optimized that the author gets impressed and accept your approval but now the strategy won't works good and you can only be approved when your content is unique, informed about the site's broken links.

#10. Be aware of penalty and illegal linking sites ( Matt Cutts review )

Google search engine web spam team head, Matt Cutts have bring out the fourth video that how guest blogging is effecting and spamming the web as a fact of paid and exchange links. He have already clearly stated that contribution to other sites as a matter of links is dead and in way going to increase rankings. After the publish of fourth video on their webmaster channel on youtube they have clearly stated that they are trying hard to stop linking strategy through contribution. He has completely stated that if more and more low quality back links adds up then your blog is completely going to be destroyed. Second video clearly stated to nofollow all the outgoing links. According to him there are also many natural ways which already existed years ago blog contribution was existed like generating naturally through youtube, info graphics, images and recommendation through others.

Clearly he wanted to state four different facts like:

  • Not to use the same post on different places 
  • Not to depend only on the contribution link gaining
  • Thousands of email buffering for approvals is prohibited
  • Recycling the same post and contributing to different authors and directories, forums.

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