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Best DSLR Cameras 2019 - Buyer's Guide and Reviews

Everybody uses a best dslr camera 2019 and it's use have been covered almost everywhere whether it is your smartphone, home security systems, desktops and laptops web cam, in vehicles, flights, trains and much more by which they are recording almost anything and at anytime.

Whether thought of being a professional photographer or going to join a course for learning photography this guide is totally focused on the "Best DSLR Cameras 2019" which includes the newly advanced and top most technologies of all time.

This guide is going to be lengthy, descriptive and solely based on the buyer's perspective for being a true professional. This camera's are much more costly than the others due to their high definition and 720 to 1080 resolution strength they beat almost every one when seen in terms of video or image quality. The images are much more strong and do not get broken or blur even a larger amount of zooming. At the stores in respect to the best cameras 2019 different types of lens are also present which are shorter and longer in terms of breadth and length and required for filming from a longer distances or for micro distances.

Best dslr cameras 2019

The top most companies which are continuously producing highly branded best dslr cameras 2019 are Cannon, Nikon, Panasonic, Sony and others which are at the top in selling the most dslr cameras all through out the world and each one at a price greater than the others. These companies have created a non erasable image for themselves in the minds of people and whenever a name comes to buy a professional camera people automatically suggest their names as the recommendation without any hesitation as they are the best in the market and nobody have ever came up in competition to them.

The first ever camera photograph was taken in the 1826 and from that day it have been evolved day by day up to this stage and the future pictures are still a mystery. In 1975 came the first digital camera which used electronics to capture, record videos and images. Japanese were the first people to investigate and develop advanced digital cameras.

In 1986 the future single lens digital cameras were created and first company who invented them were the Nikon corporation. After that soon after the starting era of the year 2000 all the latest smart phones and mobiles started embedding digital cameras in the back section to capture anything super fast making it more and more user friendly to use. From that time camera became a household device which uses to save each and every moment of life in hard drives.

Best DSLR Cameras 2019 - Reviewed

The several specifications which determine the quality of the DSLR cameras are the different formats, complexities, shutters, exposure and rendering, focus strength, types of lens and the image capture abilities. Each and every features will be explained here for giving a descriptive review about the products. The whole best dslr cameras 2019 come in a complete set of accessories, different types of lens, memory card storage and bags like stuff when bought from the online stores.

These products are all ranking within the top 10 best sellers of online shopping E commerce stores mainly the giants like the Amazon, E Bay, Walmart including the respective countries personal stores. All of them are best in their features at their granted price and offer a lot more features. Few of them are the most costly ones and also the best, with few the most purchased ones among the common people and some of the cheap ones are also mentioned here at the last which works perfect and can even compete with the top ones.

Here is the List of Best dslr cameras 2019 which are going to be described here:

1. Canon EOS Rebel T6 - The Best DSLR Cameras 2019 to take home

Canon Camera EOS T6 2019
Canon EOS Rebel T6

This Canon EOS Rebel T6 ranks the first position of our list of best dslr cameras 2019 and also on the giant online selling websites. This one comes with a lot of extra kit and tools like the accessory kit which includes almost most of the newly developed objects to help during photography and which will be discussing below. There are a lot of creative auto modes which change automatically according to the weather changing situations and appearance of low, dull, dusky and high lights so that the images appear clean and clear.

This one is the best and have got a rating of about 4.7 stars out of 5 stars which is great in average to millions of buyer's and reviews. The first launch date of this item which is both online and offline stores was on 21 of March in 2016 since then selling rates have gradually increased with whole total positive response. On the Amazon best sellers it ranks number 1 in the section of Best dslr camera bundles and also number 44 in the camera and photo which includes almost every camera related product in the competition. The actual weight of the camera is 9.1 pounds which is great for a item of so many features and a dimension of (13.5,8.5,23.5) inches. For more details there are over 780 customer reviews and 562 answered questions in total by Canon for total verification for the details. The color is made black to look professional.

The accessory kit which comes associated have almost everything required removing the headache of the purchasing the small items from the store separately at high end costs. The kit includes tools for cleaning of the lens and inner stuff, a cap holder for different types of lens, a tripod for the table top, many protectors for the LCD screen, a wallet to store different types of memory cards, a separate remote switch RS 60 for controls, a ultra violet filter lens of 58 mm, a flash for auto power slave, a USB card reader to read and write memory cards, 3 several pieces for ultra violet filter, a quality tripod, a gadget bag which is extra large of vivitar SLR DC59, transcend memory card of 16 GB SDHC and a separate another transcend memory card of 32 GB SDHC attached with the kit, 2 telephoto lens professional with 58 mm of diameter, the lens are made wide angle and high definition which are of 18 to 55 mm with the Canon tag. All these tools make this whole total set worthy to be in the best dslr cameras 2019.

Technical Specifications and Features

Comes with a built in wifi of 3 frames per second shooting including the intelligent auto NFC scene basic mode, several creative auto modes which changes according to the environment, the sensor used here is the 18 mega pixel APS-C CMOS with Digic 4+ and image processor of 3", 920k dot, the video recording facility is great which records at a speed of 30 frames per second and 9 point auto focus of center cross type point with extended 1SO 12800 to give a video quality of 720 to 1080 resolution of high definition. The monitor present is full LCD.

In the above section the all total tools are mentioned clearly which make it look more professional and best for travelling and capturing experiences. There are 2 types of telephoto lens are present making it professional of 58 mm. One is EF-S f of 18 to 55 mm and other of 3.5 to 5.6 IS 2 lens of 58 mm making it extra wide angle to capture high definition pictures and videos. This item have an added USA warranty of 6 months to 1 year and can be extended more by going to the registration warranty website of canon official with addition of extra money.

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2. Nikon D3300 VR Digital SLR

One of the most selling and trusted cameras of all time from a well renowned brand of Nikon Cameras 2019. This item ranks at the number 2 position in our list of the best dslr cameras 2019 due to it's cheap price and special features including the competitive quality that it offers in terms of video recording and high definition photographs. Within a short interval of time this item have reached the top in terms of being the best seller on various online stores like Amazon, E Bay and Flip kart. The official launch date of the newer updated version of the same was on the 2nd of october in 2017.

This product have got a rating of about 4.6 stars out of 5 making it stand out of the crowd from thousands and millions of online customers. It have a ranking of number 3 in the section of dslr cameras on Amazon whereas number 248 in the bigger section of camera and photo. The exact weight of the product is 15.2 ounces and made with a dimension of (3.9,4.9,3) inches to suit friendly in the hands of user. It also ranks the top in the new release section. The only color which is made available is black. There are 3 different types of styles and configurations are present to choose from and each at varying amount of prices. In the styles section there is 18 to 55 mm lens, 18 to 55 mm A-FP DX lens (newer version) which is this one, and last is 18 to 55 mm A-FP DX lens with 55 to 200 mm lens. In the section of configuration there are 2 types available first one which is the base and the other one which includes the wifi bundle sometimes also available free of cost.

A special feature of easy image and video sharing is made available in the device via between the smartphones by a application named snap bridge which ultimately connects the camera to the smartphone by a local connection over blue tooth or wifi which helps in immediate transfer and sharing over the social networks. One more speciality is that it also helps to transfer data between the devices even when it is switched off. Upload and download to nikon image space is also easy for security and safety of your moments and experiences. Every shot brings down an incredible high definition image which are filled with appropriate colors, fine contrast even in places of dusk or night.

The 24.2 mega pixel of sensor and the ISO 100-12800 functions a lot in achieving that purity. The image processor expeed 4 also works great in providing accurate and tune pictures. The auto focus of 11 points makes sure that the body of the image always stay in focus without any disturbance of blur even when the camera is moving. The capture speed is about 5 frames per second and can work at medium speeds. The video quality that it offers is always of 1080 resolution and the AF-P lens make sure of perfection with 5 frames per second to shoot videos continuously without break. The built in creative guide modes are awesome which automatically changes with respect to the changing climate and environment. There are over 10 different modes available including the night mode and miniature mode. Last but not the least the easy carrying and portable weight of just 400 gm make it too light to carry while travelling and long journeys.

Technical Specifications and Features

In this section all the features are mentioned more accurately apart from the technical specifications which explain the details in a descriptive way and which may cause a problem in reading for our quick through visitors who want extra fast explanation in short. Image sharing application Snap Bridge works with all the android operating devices and some selected IOS running devices. The android smartphones must greater than the version 5.0 or 6.0 and blue tooth should should be greater than the version 4. Snap bridge comes installed in the camera but it needs to be installed in the selected smartphone. Besides transfer data there is another way to get the images through the Nikon image space online.

Nikon provides unlimited online storage once registered to it's users by which they can upload shoot videos and images to Image space through wifi easily. Later they can be downloaded by accessing the site through smartphones. The LCD screen is 3 inches long which is crystal clear and contains 921000 dots. The optical zoom facility is about 3 times greater than normal ones. The ISO available here is 100 to 12800 which can be latter expanded to 25600 according to the professional needs to increase great clear images even at night time. The auto focus is 11 points with speed 5 frames per second to make the body focus stronger even after continuous movement. 3 Dimensional tracking is available.  The sensor used is of 24.2 mega pixel CMOS of DX format. All these features rank this product on the position 2 in our list of best dslr cameras 2019.

3. Canon EOS REBEL T7i

One of the best stand alone cameras when watched in terms of performance and capabilities. This one is the recent release meant for some professional work and tag cost more than the others. Extra ordinary features and specifications of this new release rank it at the number 3 of our best dslr cameras 2019 article. All the components are much more stronger and larger than the previous ones but the only thing affecting it's rank is the price at which it is made available at the stores.

On the date of 15 January 2017 it was first made available in the market and till now it have done quite well in the market. On the online stores specially at Amazon it ranks at about 43 in the dslr cameras section as well as number 1700 in the big list of camera and photo section. The over all rating is good with about 4.6 stars out of 5 making it trusted and efficient in the market for long run. The exact weight is made portable with 1.18 pounds and have a dimension of about (3,5.2,3.9) inches. Over 60 reviews are available and the seller have answered more than 100 questions for removing the doubts of it's viewers regarding the features. The same item is made available in different syles at various prices at the online store which are body, with 18 to 55 mm, 18 to 135 mm mentioned here and video creator kit with 18 to 55 mm.

The optical view finder used here is of great quality and works with 45 point auto focus which captures almost anything when the object is at the medium speed of motion. Works great in the filming of moving objects like birds, moving boats and cars and almost anything. Functioning is so fine that it creates almost no difference between the human capture vision and the lens vision. No matter how fast moving the object is anyone can get the shot whenever they want. The auto focus used here is the dual pixel CMOS type making it world's strongest and quickest auto focusing capacity ever designed to focus almost anything within 0.03 seconds.

It comes enabled with the phase detection feature which locks away the object and the subject whether in motion to capture in images and videos. Talking about the sensor which is used here is of 24.2 mega pixel CMOS APS-C type to capture exactly the same as seen through the eyes, no matter how effective the sun light or moon light. All the effective colors appear correctly as they are watched with more effects and tuning. They are best to be shared on the web or social media and for making poster sized prints. All the above mentioned cameras possess at least Digic 4 but this one is more advanced containing the Digic 7 to make the photos sharp and accurate in low light conditions. The wireless connectivity available here is great which contains built in wifi, built in NFC technology and the blue tooth 4 option. All these 3 helps in maintaining easy social sharing through the web uploads or through the smartphone transfers. Canon connect application 2 comes installed and also needs to be installed in the smartphone to download and share images anytime and anywhere.

The screen is made touch screen with 3 inches of length, varied angle technology and LCD. LCD helps in minimizing reflections and the smudge resistant coating. A super cool user interface called feature assistant is used which can switch to shooting mode and Canon normal mode. To stop blur image while camera shake a feature called Movie eletronic IS 6 is used. There are severals of creative filters available for images and videos along with continuous shooting speed of 6 frames per second. HDR Movie Mode helps to shoot at 30 frames per second making it more colorful and fine to watch. 

Technical Specifications and Features

Making the above description is short to help our quick visitors the features are the single lens camera with reflex AF/AE which also comes with a hard flash, works at a continuous shooting speed of 6 frames per second, the wireless connectivity offers many options which include mainly wifi, blue tooth and NFC connectivity to upload and share images between web and smartphones. The sensor is the most advanced one of 24.2 mega pixel CMOS of DX format. The ISO installed here is the latest one of 25600. The auto focus capacity of 45 point all cross type makes the focus to no chance of any blur at different motions.

4. PANASONIC LUMIX G7 4K - Best Mirrorless Camera 2019

Thought of including mirrorless cameras in the list too seen that it have got a lot of positive ratings as well as feedback from the customers. Due to it's hand range of features this product occupies position 4 in our best dslr cameras 2019 section. The price is medium and is running in the market from a long period of time with timely updates in the specifications. The item was launched online on the 16 of May in the year 2015 and have been updated successfully to cope up with the current demands of the user. This one have got a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 and have a user base of millions of customers worldwide.

The total weight of the item is not so heavy and is about 14.4 ounces with a dimension of (4.9,3,3.4) inches of length, breadth and height. On the online store like Amazon it possesses a ranking of number 6 in the mirrorless cameras as well as number 900 in the camera and photo section where it competes with every brand in this industry. There are over 200 customer feedback to know generally about the specified item and over 300 answers cleared by the seller on Amazon. This is made available in 2 colors one is black and the other is silver. On the store it is available in 2 configurations of 14 to 140 mm and other of 14 to 42 mm described here.

The technologies installed in this one by Panasonic cameras 2019 even guarantees that it gives a better experience than the usual dslr in terms of performance and photography. The sensor is of 16 mega pixel with an ISO of 25600 which help capture fine coloring pictures even at dim or low level lights.  It demands to work exactly like the high level sensors as that present in dslr cameras. The 4k ultra fast high definition video recording works great at a speed of 30 frames per second do not missing the perfect shot even if the object is in fast motion. No problems have been seen as the slow burst modes or the inefficient auto focus along with blur images.

There are 3 different photo capture modes available which are 4k burst, 4k burst start and stop including the last one 4k pre burst. Intuitive controls make it easy to use with 6 buttons on the body as well as 5 buttons on the menu. The view finder installed here offers high resolution and high contrast of 10000:1 to capture images even in presence of dim lights. The auto focus tracking is great which makes the focus clear as soon as it is launched with a speed of 6 frames per second. Some of the special features include start light AF for moonlight captures, silent shooting, focus peaking and sharing via wifi. It's hard competitive nature makes it suitable to occupy the position 4 in the best dslr cameras 2019 list.

Technical Specifications and Features

Apart from the description above main points are marked here for quick read. The wifi connectivity is present to immediately share and socialize images and videos to the web or the smartphone. The lens installed are made interchangeable with ultra compactness and top quality.

The auto focus is made fast and sharp to capture the object no matter how fast is the motion. The 3 ultra 4k image modes make it clear to take a perfect shot each and every time. The image quality that it provides is best for poster sized print out as well as photo shoot options.

5. Pentax K-70 Weather-Sealed - Best DSLR Camera 2019

Pentax cameras have been in the industry from a long period of time and have been providing user friendly stuff. This Pentax K 70 DSLR provides a lot of features at such a low price and becomes trust worthy to bag the position 5 in the best dslr cameras 2019. The selling is extra ordinary on the stores and within a short span of time all the dslr cameras are getting sold out immediately. This product was launched in the year 2016 on the date of 2nd June and till now have sold half a million items. The reviews are extra ordinary with an average rating of 4.6 stars out of 5 at the online stores mainly at Amazon.

Among the best sellers list it ranks at the number 158 in the DSLR cameras whereas number 6000 in the camera and photo section. The approx weight is exactly 2 pounds with a dimension of (2.9,4.9,3.7) inches making it portable to carry and travel. For making the information crystal clear more than 50 customer feedback and 54 questions are answered by the company regarding the product to clear the doubts. Available in the market in 2 different colors which are black and silver to be chosen from. Based on the configuration it comes in 2 sections one with the body and other with the 18 to 135 mm lens.

Here the author have described some the technical details which are very interesting like this camera uses a Safox lxi auto focusing feature which can catch the body at any time whether it is in the low light or at the night time and also uses a diffraction lens to automatically focus things with responsive nature. The image processing engine used here is personal made called Prime M better than many in the market and accounts for less energy usage and noise, smooth view and high definition recording strength from the interiors. Instead of the optical view finder they are using a glass pentagon prism one which comes embedded with 4 focus screens to frame the accuracy and perfection every time a image is shot. The LCD screen of 3 inches comes with 921000 dots of resolution. There are over 25 million lenses available from the company to use with the body of this one. The shake and dust reduction technique accounts for clear defined images and can be used with any of the mounted lenses making it to stand out in the best dslr cameras 2018.

Technical Specifications and Features

Mentioning the above description in the quick read and action view this Pentax dslr comes embedded with an automatic shake reduction(SR) technique which makes the images stable and colorful including the motion correction AA filer stimulation with the pixel shift resolution.

Pentax created sync app is present which automatically uploads all the images to the server when connected over the built in wifi. The LCD screen is 3 inches long at vary angle and night vision display. According to the heading it is clear that it is a weather resistant and dust free technology camera. Talking about the effective ones the sensor used here is the APS-C filter less CMOS AA, 24.2 mega pixel and ISO ranging from 100 to 204800.

6. Sony Alpha a6000 Digital - Best Mirrorless Cameras 2019

A product of Sony incorporation is trusted and verified and have a large user base for itself in the market. The product of sony mentioned here isa  recommended one and have over millions of current users worldwide. The quality strength is unique when compared in terms of any other competition. This was launched about 2 or 3 years back and is running in the market till now with lots of recent updates and modifications to this item. That is the reason it bags the number 6 position of the best dslr cameras 2019. The date it was first present in the market was on 12 February 2014. On the online stores it has an amazing rank of about number 2 in the mirrorless camera and also number 156 in the camera and photo section of the best sellers.

The total average rating is 4.5 stars out of 5 given by more than thousands of customers. The weight of the item is 12.16 which is very light and easy portable in the hands while traveling and carry purposes for long journeys. The dimension is about (4.7,1.8,2.6) inches which is perfect to short clear and fine pictures. More than 1200 customer feedback are available with a total of 1000 customer questions answered to clear the doubts regarding the features of this camera. Total of 6 colors are there which are black, silver, white, total black with body plus lens and the graphite one. Regarding the styles there are a total of 4 which are with 16 to 50 mm and 55 to 210 mm, with 16 to 50 mm as explained here, base and the 2 lens bundle. The configuration includes the base and the bag plus memory card to choose from the store.

When talking about the specifications this one beats many. This one is handy, very light and easily portable to carry. With an auto focus of 6 frames per second and 24.3 mega pixel it can capture even the minor details strongly. The image storing is so strong that it can click 11 images at a single time without a blink in a time of 1 second. The image sensor used here is APS-C with a weight half of that of an average digital camera. This item claims to shoot high definition videos at a speed of 11 frames per second and uses a phase detection auto focus sensor of 179 points.

The image processor installed here of Bionz x makes the device prone to less noise, faster loading with richer in detail images making it stable while shooting high definition videos for a long time and letting it to cool. Wireless connectivity is also great here with the built in wifi and NFC(near field communication) whether the fact is uploading to web server or to smartphone devices. No problem when clicking images at extra low light evening or at night the ISO of 100 to 25600 makes it to shoot clearly. The flash available here is in the pop up mode passing ultra lights. Taking in account the shooting sections and the over all settings there are a total of 474 options to choose from. The highest video quality features that it offers accounts to 1080 and even blu ray quality. The view finder is of electronic OLED makes it easy for the user to select different settings which are MF assist, peaking function, focus tuning and focus selector. All these capabilities rank this one to our list of best dslr cameras 2019.

Technical Specifications and Features

Now talking about the features in a quick way the view finder is electronic OLED featuring 1.5 million dots and full width coverage of 99.99%. The LCD screen is made with vary angle tilting and 921000 dots. The shooting is continuous with about 11 frames per second of speed and leaving no chances of blur.

The in built settings are great to detect about 25 points of contrast and phase detection focal plane of 179 point with hybrid auto focus. The dim light capturing of ISO 100 to 25600 can get expanded upto 51200 for professional purposes. With an extra ordinary sensor of 24 mega pixel APS-C CMOS it can capture fine eye catching images at a glance.

7. Nikon D3400 Best DSLR Camera 2019

One of the fastest and trusted selling product since the day of it's release. This one ranks among the top 3 positions for most of the best selling items of the online stores. The performance that it offers is outstanding at such a low level of price and also comes with 2 types of lens. This new release have been the most successful campaign for the company as well for the online stores. According to my perception this needs to be shifted above the others at somewhat position number 3 or 4 but still it bags the number 7 position of the best dslr cameras 2019. Released on the August 17 of 2016 have done quite well in the market.

On the best sellers list of giant online store Amazon it ranks at position 2 of the dslr cameras and also number 149 in the camera and photo section. There is a rating of 4.6 stars aout 5 making it stand out of the crowd. The exact weight of the camera is 15.68 ounces and a perfect dimension of (3,4.9,3.9) inches. This one is available in 2 types of colors which are black and red. 3 types of styles are available to choose from which are 18 to 55 mm, 18 to 55 mm and 70 to 300 mm shown here and at last with triple bundle lens. The camera available here works on 3 configurations which are base, free starter bundle and the ultimate parent's camera kit. All these are available with some increment or decrement in the price.

The focusing is extremely strong by which it locks down the object and the surrounding and creates fine tuned images by processing. The camera offers a capture speed of 5 frames per second and performs clear distinct images even after it is in clear motion. Social and web server sharing application Snap Bridge is built in for the options for wireless connectivity. Perfect for professional photography the pictures that it captures are outstanding and to be used in poster prints, port folio and other inaugurations.

Snap bridge offers extra options like automatic uploading to the cloud, easy sharing through Nikon image space which offers almost unlimited amount of data space through registration, quick through transfers which are mostly automatic and the 5 device sharing capacity at a single point of time. This one uses a better no optical low pass filter sensor of 24.2 mega pixel which the highest available in the market till now and can even shoot at very low light situations having an ISO range of 100 to 25600.

Technical Specifications and Features

The ISO installed here ranges from 100 to 25600 making it good for extreme low light or night light photography. There is a no optical for any low pass filtering. It uses a image processor of Expeed 4. The sensor is a CMOS DX format 24.2 mega pixel. For wireless connectivity snap bridge watches the other settings through blue tooth, wifi and NFC connection. Despite of such features the cost is very low and solely made for the user base.

8. Panasonic LUMIX GH5 4K - Best Mirrorless Camera 2019

The most costly professional camera in the list of best dslr cameras 2019. The specification that it offers are for pure professionals and only meant for some serious work in the industry rather than buying it and using it for personal purposes and yes some rich people can even do that. Just scrolling through the online stores and found out this one with a good amount of reviews and feedback below with all outstanding features. The only thing which shocked me about this one was the price in which about 4 different dslr cameras could be bought within that same amount of cost. Besides on further checking found that this one was launched recently on the date of 24 July in 2017.

Such an excellent performance online makes it bag the number 8 position on our list and the only downfall is due to the price. It also ranks number 96 in the mirrorless cameras as well as number 7000 in the camera and photo list of the giant amazon best seller list. The average rating have been good with 4.6 stars out of 5. I have to say that the size is bigger than the average ones and weights 2.3 pounds with a dimension of (11.4,5.8,6.1) inches in total. More than 220 customers have shared their feedback after using this product and 250 item related questions have been answered to clear the doubts by the company. The only color in which it is made available is the black. Comparing about the styles it is available in the market with 7 different styles which are accessory bundle, battery grip bundle, GH4 body, GH5 body, XLR audio bundle, with 12 to 35 mm and with 12 to 60 mm.

With this powerful item high definition and dynamic sharp shots can be taken by the 20.3 mega pixel MOS sensor available. It calls itself the world's first 4k 50p/60p video recorder which takes care of the speed motion by excellence . All the weather and climate light changes are well recorded in this one due to the 4:2:2 10 bit internal recording.

It performs with much more stability than the common ones working with 4k photo mode at 60 frames per second whereas 6k photo mode at 30 frames per second through the 18 mega pixel resolution. The 5 axis dual body I.S looks after the shake of photo and video while recording. 2 separate card slots are provided to keep the backup while one memory card is full. The wireless connectivity works awesome with all the ports available for third party transfers and blue tooth plus wifi for the best.

Technical Specifications and Features

Describing all the factors in short it offers the 4k internal video recording at 4k 50p/60p in 4:2:0 8 bit as well as 4k 30/25p/24p in 4:2:2 10 bit. The 5 axis video and photo dual I.S makes the camera stable while in motion including the lumix MFT lens and other non O.I.S lenses. The sensor is a advanced one with micro four third 20.2 mega pixel no low pass filter. The body is made strong with alloy durable magnesium used. The lens is great which includes VARIO-ELMARIT 12-60mm LEICA DG  F2.8-4.0 Lens.

9. Sony a68 Translucent DSLR Camera (Mirror)

A most powerful and trusted camera owned by millions worldwide bags the position 9 in best dslr cameras 2019 due to too much competition. The selling from online stores to so vast that as soon as it becomes available at the stock all of them get sold out within a week. This one was launched in the year 2015 on the march of 1. On the online stores it's ranking is number 227 in DSLR cameras and also number 9000 in the camera and photo section in the best seller list of Amazon.

There is a rating of about 4.1 stars out of 5 on the Amazon product page. The all total weight of the item is 3.77 pounds making it heavy than the others above with a dimension of (7.6,6.8,6.2) inches. This comes with an extended warranty from Sony almost like the others. Costly items always have a warranty card attached to them. Over 28 feedback from the current customers and 36 doubts are cleared by the seller to make it more clear.

The performance of this one may give tough competition to our top ones in best dslr cameras 2019. I have mentioned one which have a 3 dimensional focus tracking but this is one step ahead with the 4 dimensional focus system installed in it with a total of 79 auto focus points out of which 15 are cross type nature to take care of the center area. Several features are there in this one like the eye auto focus, range control auto focus, lock on auto focus and the tracking auto focus. The sensor is APS high definition CMOS Exmor having 24.2 mega pixel.

For low light conditions the ISO ranges from 100 to 25600. It supports continuous shooting of up to 8 frames per second of speed. Steady shot for image stabilization is present which masters the use of blur and watches the correction of camera shake. High definition Blu ray and 1080 resolution movies can be shot peacefully through the 8 bit 4:2:2. It functions with a OLED electronic view finder with 1440000 dots. Other features are the LCD screen of 2.7 inches 460000 dots which can get tilt upto 135 or 55 degree to present clear shots, direct controls are made available, live view is present full time including the multi interface unit which can plug in extra lights, microphone for shooting purposes.

Technical Specifications and Features  

Let's take a quick view on all the information above which are High Definition movie output through HDMI ports, 10 different easily customize able buttons for all the front and back controls, low light filming through the ISO 100-25600, LCD screen of 460000 dots which can tilt up to 135 to 55 degrees to present the clear shots.

Movie shooting speed is great through the processor installed and steady shot presence. On the other hand it offers continuous shooting of 8 frames per second, APS-C 24.2 mega pixel sensor and the last but not the least the 4 D auto focus with 79 point phase detection.

10. Canon EOS Rebel SL1 Digital SLR 2019

This Canon Rebel comes at the number 10 of our list best dslr cameras 2019. It was launched in the year 2017 on the date of 19 June. On the Amazon best sellers it ranks number 73 in the DSLR cameras as well as number 3310 in the camera and photos. The average rating is good which accounts for 4.5 stars out of 5. The weight is average with 14.4 ounces including dimension of (4.6,2.7,3.6) inches. More than 327 feedback from the customers and 258 answered questions to read and understand everything from basics to advanced settings.

Technical Specifications and Features

Works on the sensor APS-C CMOS 18 mega pixel, have an ISO 100 to 12800 for photos and 100 to 6400 for high definition videos, the image processor used here is the Digic 5. Performs an high speed shooting of 4 frames per second and 9 point auto focus system to rely on. It can shoot 1080 and 720 resolution videos accurately providing good clear impressions and have the right to stand for itself in the best dslr cameras 2019.


Every item mentioned here have something very special and outstanding ability than the others in the market. Each and every one of them have got handsome feedback from the users to read in on the online stores. The pros and cons including the technical specifications and features are all collected from the respective company websites, also from the online stores.

According to the 10studs these 4 best dslr cameras 2019 Canon EOS Rebel T6, Nikon D3300, Canon EOS REBEL T7i and Panasonic Lumix G7 deserves more attention than the others in respect to price, features and company trust plus authority which they have gained throughout the years online and also offline.

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