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Best Electric Shavers 2019 - Buyer's Guide and Reviews

Choosing a single product is a tough job if you have plenty of options to pick from within the market of best electric shavers 2019.

That’s why we've compiled a list of top 10 great electric shavers 2019. So you can have a observe the excellent and pick the only which fits your pores and skin kind and facial hairs.

There are plenty of available, few are exact while it comes to shut shaving even as few are excellent at secure shaving. Which one should you pick out? We’ll determine it out quickly!

First-class Powered Best Electric Shavers 2019

It's miles a very personal selection in relation to deciding on an electric shaver. To be honest, there is not any first-class electric powered shaver which I will endorse to you.

best electric shavers 2019
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What may also in shape one character not match another individual.
There are a few elements to be considered earlier than shopping for an electric powered shaver. Those factors are the shaver’s nature, functions, style, layout, and luxury. That’s why it isn't going to be a smooth selection. Our top 10 list takes a study the best electric shavers available, from the shaving revel into the comfort degree. And this listing will assist you to select the electric shaver which suits you the most. I suggest you study our electric powered shaver shopping for manual under before creating a buy.

Underneath is the desk which suggests the pinnacle 10 great electric shavers 2019. Every and every shaver is selected by our specialist reviewers.

Properly, now without losing any in addition time, permit’s bounce directly to our pinnacle 10 best electric shavers list.

1) Braun collection 7 790 cc – rocking the market considering Best Electric Shavers 2019

Our first electric shaver in this series comes all the way from German tech industry called Braun. The Braun collection 7 is no doubt the maximum popular series ever constructed by using this enterprise and the model 790 cc is the most bought electric shaver of all time. Surely, it is nevertheless the excellent electric shaver obtainable and number one on our list. Sufficient reward, permit’s get into the business now.

The shaver affords amazingly near and smooth shave as compared to others in our lineup. Series 7 790 cc is pretty unique concerning capabilities from other electric powered shavers. The face of this electric shaver has three trimmers. Two of them are called “optifoil” at the same time as the only within the different two, is called “active lift.”

The optifoil trimmers help the electrical shaver to cover greater facial hairs in fewer strokes even as the active lift contributes to cut out the short and in-grown hairs. Now not to overlook that this is a pulsonic electric powered shaver, which produces 10,000 micro vibrations in line with minute, which allows the shaver to capture more and more hairs in each stroke.

The pinnacle of Braun 790 cc is very bendy and might quick pass around the contours of your face. The shaver comes with an alcohol primarily based cleaning and charging dock., that may kill the ninety-nine % of the germs with the help of a particular button. Apart from that, there are 3 personalized modes available on this advanced electric powered shaver known as ordinary, intensive, and extra sensitive. You can choose the manner consistent with your skin kind and hairs. There is additionally a pop-up trimmer for trimming beards, mustache, and sideburns.

The best drawback of this electric powered shaver is that its miles missing the wet&dry generation. However, this feature is to be had within the other variation of Braun collection 7, known as Braun 799 cc that is pretty pricey.
Basic, the Braun collection 7 790 cc is my all time favourite and exceptional electric shaver 2019 out there inside the marketplace. The built satisfactorily is fantastic, three trimmers, pivoting head, personalized modes and cleaning dock are sufficient for the relaxed and close shave. Other than that, that is one of the most budget electric shaver available within the market. The rate could be very low compared to others in our lineup.

Professionals Pro Features

Finances friendly
Bendy and pivoting head
Personalized modes
Stable constructed pleasant
Automatic cleaning and charging dock


Absence of moist&dry generation

2) Braun collection 9 9095 cc – the cutting-edge released best electric shaver 2019 of Braun

Braun best electric shavers 2019

The following one in our listing is likewise from the Braun. It's miles the ultra-modern electric powered shaver collection released through Braun and our favorite version on this listing is Braun 9095cc. This tool deserves second place among the best electric shavers 2019.

The electrical shaver is included up with all of the vibrant chrome plastic, which appears cool!

This electric shaver works in an identical way as the above 790 cc, the most effective difference is that 9095 cc includes one greater trimmer called “direct & reduce”. This additional trimmer enables the shaver to align the hairs which grow in exceptional guidelines and then cut those out. Aside from that, the active lift trimmer from 790 cc is replaced with the aid of hyper lift trimmer that's a chunk more superior and helps to get rid of the flat hairs.

Braun 9095 Pulsonic shaver produce 40,000 pass-slicing movements in line with minute, please don’t mix it up with the ten,000 micro vibrations of 790 cc. It offers a chunk greater close shave than 790 cc, the distinction isn't that much to amaze. Pop-up trimmer is also there.

The cause why it's miles listed as quantity 2 is as it’s the product of plastic even as the 799 cc carries metallic head. Aside from that, you are going to pay hell lot of money for the capabilities you certainly don’t require if you have a regular beard and also you shave at the day by day foundation. However, this electric powered shaver is a piece greater comfortable on the skin.
Braun collection 9 9095 cc has all the features of 790 cc and it additionally has the wet&dry technology, which enables the person to apply this electric shaver both on dry pores and skin or with shaving gel for touchy pores and skin.

Here is a brief comparison of Braun collection 7 and Braun collection nine:

Wrapping it up, the Braun collection nine 9095 has all of the amazing functions which include moist&dry generation which became missing inside the above 790 cc. It includes one greater trimmer which helps to reduce down the hairs which grow in a couple of instructions. Alternatively, the downside of this shaver is that its miles all plastic and very costly.


Addition of a further trimmer referred to as “direct & reduce”
Close shaving enjoy
40,000 cross slicing movements
Presence of moist&dry technology


Negative built excellent (all plastic)
Very steeply-priced (extra than double of 790cc)

3) Panasonic es-lv95 – first-class electric powered shaver in terms of capabilities and fee

On the subject of electric powered shavers, Panasonic has made a name for itself via imparting some of the finest electric-powered shavers to be had inside the marketplace. Albeit some may consider them to be fairly at the steeply-priced side, they make it up for the rate by way of providing a first-rate overall performance, and fee for money. Formerly, the es-lv81 changed into among our favorite electric shavers available in the market, but, the good deal higher, upgraded model referred to as the es-lv95 has dethroned it.

The es-lv95 by way of Panasonic is made for those who choose an extremely smooth, and near shave. I realize many claims that the manually carried out shaving is much better, however, this electric powered shaver is here to exchange the sport. Upon shaving, I found out that the shaving got here out very herbal, and extremely close, making up for pores and skin that changed into easy to the touch, or even all around. Not to mention, shaving with this shaver is exquisite-speedy, ensuing in a variety of time stored.

The lv95 also comes with a built-in screen that could look like a gimmick to some, but it's far simply a totally useful addition; not most effective it displays an accurate representation of the battery that is left, however, it additionally tells you ways lengthy you have been shaving when you switch off the shaver.
Considering how that is Panasonic's flagship electric shaver, it does come with a cleaning station for folks that love them. The cleaning station is used to remove all of the hair after you've got shaved and smooth the blades at the frenzy of a button, it is outstanding easy, and high-quality smooth as nicely. But, for folks that are not looking to placed the shaver lower back in the cleaning station, a protecting cowl is also supplied, and further to that, you furthermore might get a leather-based journeying pouch.

With all the good stuff aside, i do have a few minor gripes with the otherwise extremely good Panasonic es-lv95. For starters, the shaver may be loud at times, and the suitable manner to give an explanation for this would be to compare the sound with the same sound this is made via a swarm of bees.

Similarly to that, for people who have sensitive skin, the shaver is probably a piece too harsh within the starting. However, don't worry, because the pores and skin will regulate to the shaver on a couple of uses, and it'll not be a problem.

Basic, the Panasonic es-lv95 is a superb electric powered shaver that does include a charge, however, gives many services that grow to be making up for the price. It has no foremost, deal-breaking flaws, making it one of the fine electric powered shavers inside the marketplace.


Shaving with es-lv95 is easy, easy, and speedy.
The display is high-quality and gives all the needed information.
The cleaning station is a superb addition.


The touchy skin might experience the harshness within the starting.
The operational noise can be a nuisance within the beginning.

4) Philips Norelco senso touch 3-D – first-class rotary best electric shavers 2019 for head and beard

Philips best electric shavers 2019

Philips is the grasp when it comes to rotary shavers. No other emblem can beat Philips in this technology. Variety 4 on our listing goes to be the rotary shaver Philips Norelco sensotouch three-D, which is good for both beard and head. This item deserves to be in best electric shavers 2019.

We determined this to be the most comfortable rotary shaver and it simply sticks with your pores and skin and circulate smoothly around your face contours and provide efficaciously close shave.

The shaver got 3 unbiased spherical foils within the head which sticks and moves around the contours of your face. The pivoting head of the shaver helps to reach all the hairs and stubble. The foils can spin, tilt and can pass upward and downward that is a first rate function to help you out in shaving your head. That’s why that is the first-class electric shaver for bald men. The top of this shaver is referred to as “gyro flex 3D” because it is able to move into 3 dimensions which are a completely unique feature.

There are different wonderful features available in this electric powered shaver is called “extraordinary elevate&cut”, that is just like an active lift in Braun and raise-tech in Panasonic. It enables to trap the hairs on the neck and jawline. It additionally allows the shaver to seize in-grown hairs, stubble, and flat hairs.

Now let’s come to the downsides of this shaver. The shaver feels top rate from seems however when you get your hands on it, it feels absolutely cheap. Shame its miles all plastic and rubber. The battery is fixed, so if somehow your battery goes out of the order, you will haven't any choice but to replace your electric powered shaver.
General, the sensotouch three-D is an advanced and extraordinary rotary shaver that has all of the modern-day functions you may get from a shaver. It is fast and powerful and provides cozy and close shave. There are a few downsides but it made it the wide variety 4 in our list.


3 independent foils
The head of this shaver can move into three dimensions, which is good for shaving head
Extremely cozy and near shaving issuer
Wet&dry generation to be had


Bad built pleasant (all plastic and rubber)
Highly-priced replacement parts (extreme trouble)
Constant battery (you may replace it)
Simplest chargeable via the dock (you can’t rate it using cord)

5) Panasonic arc four – budget-friendly best electric shavers 2019 and near shaving provider

Panasonic arc four overview

Panasonic over again, with a marvelous model arc four. It's far nearly identical as the Panasonic arc but it consists of four blades inside the head and doesn’t come with charging dock.

Similar to arc 5, this model will also offer you an exceptionally close shave however at the equal time, it lacks on comfort ability.

Panasonic arc 4 own all of the capabilities from the contemporary arc 5, it's miles just missing a single trimmer from its head, and it comes without cleaning and charging dock. The 4 blade machine available in this electric shaver is advanced and sharp sufficient to offer you the nearest shaving revel in. The blades are extraordinarily durable, sharp and they can pivot at 30 levels in any course. It additionally consists of the linear 14,000 CPM twin movement motor that is simply powerful.

Other than that, it affords forty mins of battery lifestyles on a particular fee whilst the others offer 50 mins of battery backup.

Different then that there is nothing an awful lot to jot down approximately it as I've already explained all the capabilities above in Panasonic arc five.


Extraordinarily low in fee as compared to different excessive tech shavers in our list
Led panel to be had to preserve you up to date with the battery and motor speed


Now not that a lot secure
It comes without cleaning and charging dock (that's the cause it's far available in very low fee)

6) Wahl expert 8061 – high-quality best electric shavers 2019 for sensitive skin

Wahl is an American brand and a preference of expert barbers. Wahl expert 8061 is low cost, bump-unfastened, powerful and stable electric shaver that may match the necessities of any guy.

This electric powered shaver makes use of dyna flex cutting device, that could assist the shaver to reach and persist with the harder areas like neck and jawline. Dyna flex gives flexibility to the shaver which prevents all form of cuts and burns. Other than that, hypoallergenic foils are available to provide close and smooth shave. It also affords antimicrobial safety from bacteria.

That’s why it's miles a great desire for those who were given a totally touchy pores and skin.

The design of this shaver is remarkable. It's miles designed to be used very without problems. It's miles all plastic but feels premium in hand and also you are not saying that a lot to get an aluminum or metal frame. The great component approximately this shaver is that its miles hypoallergenic. That is beneficial to the touchy skin customers. There is a pop-up trimmer which may be beneficial in trimming mustache and sideburns.

You need to know before purchasing this best electric shaver 2019, that that is virtually a finishing shaver which matches for the stubble period hairs best. So if you are going to shave most effective each day foundation, then this is a superb preference, else I recommend you to have a have a look at different shavers to be had on this listing.

Other than that, it vibrates a lot while the use of, which makes it kinda greater difficult to use and uncomfortable.

Ordinary, the Wahl expert 8061 is a great preference for people with touchy skin due to the hypoallergenic foil heads. It has an extended battery existence, that's beneficial to people who travel lots. Clean to clean, and smooth to use. No question, you are getting what you are deciding to buy.


Hypoallergenic foil heads (that made Wahl the high-quality electric shaver for touchy skin)
Smooth to use layout
Easy to clean
Journey pleasant (lengthy battery lifestyles)
Finances pleasant


Heat up in short time
High vibrations
Moist&dry feature lacking
Simplest true for the hairs of stubble duration

7) Philips Norelco at830 – less costly and most popular electric powered shaver

Philips Norelco at830 is one of the most well-known electric shavers available and it changed into first launched again in 2012. If you decide upon rotary shavers over foil, and brief on the price range then at830 is probably a great choice for you.

Norelco at830 is a power touch, moist & dry electric shaver which comes with a variety of on-hand capabilities and only a few drawbacks. The top of this shaver can pivot a touch but no longer like the sensotouch in all the 3 dimensions. Philips at830 possess the dual-precision technology, which lets in the head to address the long hairs as well as brief stubble so that you can enjoy secure and close shaving experience.

The pop-up trimmer to be had on this electric shaver as nicely. The battery life of at830 is wonderful. It provides 50 mins of battery backup and it takes 1 hour to get absolutely free. You could easily have 10 shaves on a single fee.

Rotary shavers have been added for cozy shaving revel in. So, no question that this shaver affords extremely cozy shave and clearly easy on pores and skin. Just don’t press the shaver difficult in your skin, faux like you are shaving a tissue paper, at830 will do the job.

Philips Norelco at830 is mid-degree electric shaver which possesses quite a few terrific functions inclusive of wet/dry technology, dual-precision, durable battery, pop-up trimmer and a pivoting head. Aside from that, the price could be very low as compared to others. Clean to clean, good-looking and an at ease electric shaver and the maximum specific part of this shaver is that it's far extremely quiet. This tool deserves to be in best electric shavers 2019 guide.


Dual precision and wet&dry era
Very quiet (the motor of this electric shaver doesn’t make noise that tons)
At ease and sensitive pores and skin friendly
Less costly and smooth to easy


Head can pivot but little or no

8) Braun collection 3 pro skin 3040s – best electric powered shaver for ease of access

Braun has continuously supplied the clients with a number of the high-quality electric powered shavers that aren't simplest outstanding, however also cheap for the most element. Persevering with the culture, we're searching on the Braun collection 3 pro skin 3040s, a low-cost electric powered shaver that pursuits to deliver a fantastic shaving enjoy, all while retaining the clients at peace that they are no longer going to spend loads of money.

The only thing that most people want from an excellent electric powered shaver is glaringly the convenience of access. That is because a number of the better quit shavers provide customers steep learning curve due to too many features which might be at instances needless for them. However, matters are exceptional with the pro skin 3040s; this electric shaver is a few of the nice in terms of the convenience of getting right of entry to, by means of being one in every of easiest electric shavers, a lot so that you will not be afraid of messing matters up.

The electrical shaver also comes with an integrated display, something this is slowly turning into common in the majority of electric shavers inside the market. The display can display you the remaining battery existence, while the displayed existence may not be as accurate, it is nevertheless handy, as it does will let you positioned your shaver on the price each time you experience like.

As a long way as the general shaving enjoy is involved, the Braun series three pro skin 3040s gives a super shaving enjoy preserving the charge in difficulty. Sure, it might not be as close to a number of the flagship electric powered shavers to be had within the market, but preserving the ease of getting entry to, and price in thoughts, I could not ask the electric shaver for a performance this is better than what the shaver already offers.

Final however no longer the least; the shaver does not require the consumer to moist their face before the usage of, as you may absolutely use it in spite of a wet face. Even though it may not matter to many human beings, however, it makes factor speedy, especially for people who need to get off the bed, shave, and depart for paintings.
The only thing that I did not like about the Braun series 3 pro skin 3040s shaver is that regardless of imparting near shave, there are conditions wherein the shaver leaves plenty of the stubble for behind. It would have been in case of a trimmer, however, we speak me approximately a complete-fledged electric shaver here. Finally, a subjective element, but capability shoppers must know that the shaver does make the effort getting charged, so it's miles high-quality in case you feed it in a single day, or at times while you aren't in want of it.

Relaxation confident the Braun collection 3 pro skin 3040s is an extraordinary electric powered shaver that is low-cost and will get the process finished for the maximum component. It might not be nice electric shaver of all time, however, it's miles plenty better than many other alternatives to be had within the market. This tends to come under best electric shavers 2019.


Superb value for money
Offers a terrific shave
The shaver is simple to apply
Does no longer require the user to moist their face


The shave leaves stubble in the back of
The shaver takes

9) Remington f5-5800 – budget best electric shavers 2019 (below $50)

Remington f5-5800 assessment

The number ninth is going to be from the famous Remington. Remington is a well-known emblem which designed plenty of entry-level to mid variety electric powered shavers. They had been first to introduce a cordless recharging device for electric shavers.

F5-5800 consists of 2 foils and 1 trimmer in the head. The head can pivot upward and downward and it movements around the contours of your face to offer you easy and at ease shave.

The shaver is very clean to clean. Genuinely take away the top of the shaver and rinse it below water. The shaver is inflammation unfastened. Agree with me, I had quite a few irritation in spite of most of the high-stop shavers indexed above, such as Braun 790cc but Remington f5-5800 turned into entire inflammation loose electric shaver.

The shaver is made from all reasonably-priced plastic. It doesn’t offer close shaving, for closeness inside the finances i suggest you go along with Panasonic arc 3. The blades required replacement after average use of 3-four months, which fees additionally. The shavers make a lot of noise due to the motor.
Remington f5-5800 is a cheap and an entry-stage shaver which offers clean and at ease shave. There are few drawbacks which I noted above, but, you may purchase it for under $50. So, those negative points may be overlooked.


Extraordinarily lower priced (below $50)
Clean and relaxed
Pivoting head


Made up of all cheap plastic
Doesn’t provide a close shave
Makes a lot of noise
Components required replacement after each four-6 months of use

10) Panasonic arc 3 – advanced and 3-blade cordless best electric shavers 2019

Panasonic arc three evaluation

Final but now not least Panasonic arc three is subsequently here.

It doesn’t be counted that you are getting a shaver from Panasonic for $30 or $300 or $500, closeness may be their first priority. But every other electric shaver which offers tremendous close shave with three blade cutting device and extremely low in fee as compared to the maximum of the electric shavers indexed above.

The pivoting head, 3 extraordinarily sharp blades which provide a close shave, led indicator which continues you up to date with the battery lifestyles, moist&dry technology, what isn't there for you? All of the advanced functions are there and the fee is underneath $70.

The shaver comes without cleaning and charging dock, that’s why the rate is low in comparison to the other Panasonic models in our list.

The shavers head contains three nano tech blades which are also hypoallergenic, so this best electric shaver 2019 is also touchy skin pleasant. The adjustable pivoting head is there that could stick to your facial contours to offer near and clean shave.

Basic, the Panasonic arc three is presenting you with a variety of functions at a totally inexpensive fee. It comes without the cleansing dock, that’s how Panasonic control to maintain the price low. However that’s no longer a trouble, I'm certain it’s now not a headache to spend 1 minute more to clean your shaver daily. Aside from that, the battery existence is splendid and the shaver does have a wet&dry generation so that you can either use it underneath the shower with foam and gel or you can use it on dry skin.


Sharp and hypoallergenic blades which might be pleasant to sensitive pores and skin
Moist & dry electric shaver
Near and easy shave
Led panel


A bit irritative
Noisy motor
Comes without cleansing and charging dock
Electric powered shaver purchaser’s manual

Superior electric shavers are the aggregate of the generation which is available in a small package deal. Before deciding on your electric shaver both from the list above or somewhere else, I endorse you to still examine our client’s manual, it will assist you to recognize the era that is going within these modern electric shavers.

So without in addition ado, let’s keep with our electric shaver buying guide.

Rotary vs foil electric shaver – that is first-rate for you in Best electric shavers 2019?

I pick foil shavers over rotary shavers due to the closeness, smoothness, and layout.

Rotary shavers had been introduced first to offer comfortable shaving revel in and shaving head. Absolute confidence that rotary shavers are an awful lot greater secure compared to the foil shavers but they didn't provide a near shave.

While on the other hand, foil shavers are expert in closeness. They incorporate sharp blades and superior technology which I sincerely like.

Led indicator: a charger with a led indicator is good enough to keep you updated with the modern-day battery stage. Notify you whilst you plugged inside the charger and alert you with the low battery.

Corded and cordless shaving: few of the electric shavers permit you to shave at the same time as your electric shaver plugged in at the same time as few don’t. Braun series nine doesn’t allow corded shaved even as Braun series 7 does permit it.

Easy to apply and smooth: make sure the electric shavers layout is simple to use and clean. Nearly all of the electric shavers indexed above are smooth to use and easy to smooth. Maximum of the electric shavers above come with cleaning dock, all you have to do is to position the shaver inner that dock and press the button, that dock will clean your shaver. Some fashions don’t include that cleaning dock, so you have to do it manually. However, that gained not take more than 1 minute!

Pop-up trimmer: maximum of the shavers come with an integrated trimmer which can be popped up. You can use that trimmer for grooming, sideburns, and mustache.
Wet & dry era: wet&dry technology lets in electric shavers for use either below the bath or on dry pores and skin. If you got touchy pores and skin, you then might decide upon shaving with gel foam. That’s where this era comes available.


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