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Best Laptop Games 2019 - Buyer's Guide and Reviews

The market price of video games have been increased a lot in the top value nations like the United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, China, India and the Soviet Union of Russia at once in the last few years. Gaming is a passion which is not only limited to the kids or teens but many professional adults to play it for satisfaction and creation of a static state of mind which can perform well in business and corporate companies. Here are the best laptop games 2019.

Gaming increases the mind power of thinking, taking action and performing fast. This playing games is same like the practice of any football, cricket or basketball games. Playing games for a limited time for fun is very important to kids as practice makes a man perfect and playing high definition games can improve the present thinking state of mind to make it fast and operational. That is the reason in this list of best computer games 2019 I will be including only the most awaited and mass played games of all times.

In this list there are some which have not been released but online booking have already started months ago so if you want that one only you can try the previous versions of that edition too. This list mostly includes the best ps4 games 2019, best pc games 2019 and the best Xbox games 2019. Here all the mentioned games will be able to play on all the top quality gaming consoles like the Playstation 4, Xbox, PC and the Nintendo Switch too which are the most popular consoles all over the list and take over most of the gaming audience.

Laptop games 2019
Best Laptop games 2019

The video games marketplace have become so vast and is increasing day by day and have finally reached to 100 billion in annual margin worldwide according to the latest estimates of the year 2017. For those who do not know about the gaming consoles here some of the top ones will be recommended to them so that they can buy the game along with the console too otherwise if they already have high quality gaming laptop present at home they can play it there too by purchasing the PC version. One thing is to be kept in mind always that there are different versions of the same best laptop games 2019 available which will only work on the respective selected hardware console. A ps4 game disc will not work on Xbox or on your PC or laptop at home.

This gaming sector also occupied the third largest market in the United States entertainment sector after television and live broadcast. These are also played on several platforms which will be written on different blogs like the block chain, virtual reality, smartphones, internet browsers, arcade ones, handheld, consoles and the PC/laptops/desktops whatever be understand by you. They have gained a lot of popularity and achievement or so called authority in the kids sector and they already know that kids have become more intelligent in this modern world than they were used to be in the 19th century. Modern kids want high definition or 3 dimensional games with high quality effects and design to create a heaven like experience for them so that they seem to be playing it in the 3D world. Despite of them the other heavy user base games are the ones which are played on android smartphones and the IOS Iphone devices. They have a huge marketplace too with lots of money making opportunities in it for the game developer.

Best gaming consoles 2019

There are several companies which produce their own games and make sure that they are written in a source code which only their sytem can read. They are same like the android apps which cannot run on a iphone device and also the IOS applications which cannot run android smartphones. But the fact is all the popular games have their source code launched in all the sections with different disc available for PC laptops, playstation 4, Xbox and the Nintendo console too. Some of them are mentioned here

Playstation 4 console slim 1 TB with one game free

This one is the latest item of the play station series which offers high quality 3 dimensional experience to it's users through it's games. On the Amazon it was the best seller and offering a brand new series os Stars Wars Battle ground 2 free with it along the console at a very handsome amount of price. This system offers a hard drive of 1 TB where any high definition heavy game can run smoothly without any disturbance and hesitations in the game play running almost all of the best laptop games 2019. Warranty for 2 years and can also be extended for 3 to 4 years with added extra amount. A single dual shock controller comes included and my suggestion will be buying a extra one to even play multi player with your friend or brother and enjoy the multimedia. The release date was on 17 of November in 2017 which makes it the most updated one to bring your hands on. Customer feedback and judgement gave it 4.6 stars out 5 which is awesome. The actual weight is 7.68 pounds and have a dimension of (16.9,13.8,3.9) inches.

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Xbox one S 500 GB console with one game free

The other most used gaming console all over the world is the Xbox one which comes second in the large user base all over the world. There is a 2 year of warranty absolutely free on purchase there after it can even be extended for the 3rd and 4rth year for extra money. Along with the highly efficient games, videos can also be streamed with watching Blu Ray movies to pictures. The color range and quality that they offer are above any range and provide a real life experience during playing. It can also be connected for multi player to other systems of X box and windows 10 available there. X Box live functionality is there to play online unlimited with your friends and companion. They a;so offer 14 days of free trial gold and respective game pass to enjoy further. The game that comes free with this 500 GB storage console is the Forza Horizon 3. The display is ultra high definition 4k blu ray. This supports almost all the best laptop games 2019.

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Other system to play is your PC, laptops and desktops for which the disc needs to be bought separately from the online stores given below.

Best Laptop Games 2019 - Reviews

1) Monster Hunter: World

This one Monster Hunter World is a must play for those who have not been localized through this game. The graphics and the story is great which can involve the user and give a real life experience. The previous versions are more awesome and those who have not played the previous ones should first play the others then the whole concept can be easily understood without any difficulty and the skills will improve a lot as they are mostly required here to cross each level which are very difficult. It is used to be released on January 26 of 2017. Here the role of the hunter is to fight big monsters walking through the deep forest zones and taking advantage of the forests to beat the monsters and level up. There are loot available from smallest to main enemies and can be further used to increase the tools and weapons. On the Amazon games section it occupies the number 1 position which means that this one of best laptop games 2019 have a very large fan following. Multiplayer option is also available where 3 other members can also join and defeat the monsters on the run. It can be played only on play station 4 and X box not in the PC.

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2) Call of Duty: World War 2 Laptop games 2019

Many of you will be aware of this game from it's previous edition of infinity war, black cops and the ghost. This is the new edition recently released in the November of 2017. On the Amazon best sellers of games section it occupies the 2nd position and same in our best laptop games 2019. Every time they bring with themselves a great story to fight fearlessly in the war. In this edition as most of you can understand from the heading that the world war 2 situation prevails. The soldier will be used to land at the Europe at various location at the time of D Day and will fight through the ruthless machine guns, rockets, bombs and other tools like the poisonous gases. The game play is so fast that only adrenaline rush will be needed to reach the upper levels. The game offers multiplayer soldiers, heavy graphics and high octane energy. Customers have given it 3.7 stars out of 5 on the online stores. It supports PC, play station 4 and the X box. There is also a option of digital download after purchase.

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3) God of War - Best Laptop Games 2019

No definition and explanation is required for this game creation by the creators. One of the most ruthless, fearsome, heavy graphics and dangerous monsters game. They are said to be releasing on the 30 of June in 2018 from the makers. There is a heavy fan following behind them and the pre orders have already started from months ago on the Amazon store. It is mean't to be played by stone heart players as the game turns brutal with immense tortures after a certain level crossing. The story in this one is Kratos father and mentor of son Atreus is ready to take his revenge against the God of Olympus who cruelty on the people have been increased a lot. The creators often certify that the landscape which god of war offers is the largest in the world. The whole is about single player and no multi player is available in this one which is Kratos with his cutting axe. It also deserves a special position in our best laptop games 2019. Reviews and the feedback have been awesome till now.

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4) Titanfall 2

The over all customer feedback is good with 4.6 stars out of 5 on the Amazon online store calculated in average from the 726 customers. The price range is also very low in respect to the others. The full game play is based on arcade as well as the action with full adrenaline rush all the time throughout the body. This is the game changer edition launched from the creators and every large game review sites like game radar gave it 4.5 stars out of 5, game informer giving it 9.5 stars out of 5 and the game spot website giving it 90 out of 100 what else do you want for the verification of this action packed disc making it powerful among the best laptop games 2019. Currently on the Amazon best sellers it ranks at position 5 in the games section. This also won the "best online multiplayer" by the critic organisation in the United States of America. The special connection between the man and the machine have been shown in this one and the story is great which will keep playing interesting and motivational. In this one the multiplayer gaming have been carried on to the next level. Like Call of Duty this is also available on all the 3 platforms of PC, X box and the play station 4.

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5) Dragon Ball Fighter Z

Dragon Ball latest edition is going to release on 26 of January in the year 2018 and is made up of heavy graphics, high resolution of 1080p running at 60 frames per second. The most favorite fighters can be trained and made more powerful to evolve during the story level up. Popular fighters available are the Majin buu, frieza, vegeta, goku, gohan, cell, androids and much more is kept at suspense. The pre order and waiting list is so long that it ranks at the number 3 of the best laptop games 2019 of Amazon best game sellers. The Xenoverse which was the previous series made a huge success and this one will also top the charts as it seems by the heavy booking. The multiplayer can be involved of more players to offer tag team fighting. The fighting is extremely destructive with wide range of power abilities and capsules. Collecting the points can make train even better the fighters to destroy the enemies one by one. Seems that it will sell better than the previous version in US market.

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6) Dragon's Crown Pro

On the Amazon best sellers it is ranked on the number 4 position of best laptop games 2019 and also number 50 in the video games category. Officially it is going to be launched on the 24 of April in the year 2018. This one is arcade action based gaming in which the so called heroes travel through the mysterious land of hydeland. The adventure is filled with lots of small enemies and generals followed by a big main monster to head up the next level which becomes difficult. The only objective of the game is to get the Dragon's crown which is the treasure hidden somewhere by the demons and monsters. The skills are need to be generated to cross certain types of escapes otherwise the game is too hard for the kids. Only online cross save and play facility is present for the user. Different languages are included by the creator which english and japanese as voice play and spanish, german, italian and french as extra sub text. The sound track makes the adventure more exciting and adrenaline rushing. Multiplayer is extended to 4 players playing together and the display is total 4k high definition. The only supported platform is play station 4.

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7) Horizon Zero Dawn

Price is low for the high demand and sells it have got since the item is released in the market on 5 of December 2017. Till now the customer feedback have been good with 4.8 stars out of 5 which is considered to be almost 5 from 54 customer reviews. It also ranks number 6 in the best laptop games 2019 of Amazon best sellers. The story of this game is to save the planet by continuously terminating the creatures and demons on it's way and capturing the skills as soon as possible. The whole journey have been so designed by the creators Guerilla games which have won so many awards by the Kill zone franchise. There are several mysteries to be solved, emotional story, rescue, fighting, killing advanced robotic machines to be done all the way to reach the villain who wants to rule the planet. The machines need to be destroyed by the Aloy who is the hero by gaining skills and tools upgrade. The nature is to be saved from immediately from the ruthless rushing of destruction machines.

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8) Assassin's Creed Origins

The whole game design is based on the ancient pyramids of the Egypt. This is a famous game and the previous editions are still known by many as recommendations from their own friends. These type of games do not need promotion they are promoted by social media itself only. Previous editions have won many awards and are always nominated in the category. It was officially released on the 27 of October in the year 2017 and from then the selling have crossed the charts. On the Amazon best sellers it's ranking is 15. But in our list of best laptop games 2019 it occupies the 8th position due to a vast audience of fan following. The average feedback of over 275 customers have given it 4.6 stars out of 5 making it respected among the others. The assassin usually needs to remove the curse given by the pharoah by fighting fearless beasts or monster in the journeys, the landscape is made huge which includes the full country to explore including the sea and rivers to find the tombs, more than 100 weapons have been added to be used by the assassin in the adventure. The entire story is very emotional to encourage the user to assassinate the demons. Lots of treasures and secrets have been mummy to be found out. No multiplayer is there in this one as it is a single hero story.

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9) Madden NFL 18

One of the most popular and extensively played games in groups all over the United States. The play now live option enables the players to form groups and teams and fight with competitive multiplayer teams to reach the top and win the cup. In America this game bags the position 10 for the most sold and played game all over and in our list of best laptop games 2019 it has number 9. The only platform it supports til  now is the play station 4 and a certain ps4 account is required to register it. This game is online and the players need to enter a team and play in a league. There are 3 different playing styles together which are action, competitive and the simulation. A lot of game types are available within in which the users can involve in it. More than 264 customers have given feedback with rating of 3.4 stars out of 5.

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10) Shadow of the Colossus Special Edition

One of the most awaited games and have a large pre order behind it on the Amazon store. On Amazon best sellers it have a rank of 9 which means that it have over millions of sales. The game is to be released on 6th of February of 2018. The visual effects and the landscape design are excellent making it eye catching in it's poster and promotional video. This one is just recently rebuilt by the Japan studio and Blue point games and that is why it is called the special edition. The whole game is about conquering kingdoms to large big creatures by fighting and using special powers. This is the story of a lover who needs to conquer the win over the creatures by travelling vast lands and forests to discover and keep finding. The game play will continue untill he founds the major rulling demon and conquer him to bring his love back to life. This one of best laptop games 2019 only runs on the platform of play station 4. This is a arcade action game and there is no multiplayer system involved in it. The extra figures which are included in th special edition are the special skin for Agro, ancient bow and the cloak of fate.

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11) Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

This one have a rating more than 4.7 stars out of 5 from more than 595 satisfied customers on Amazon. It also ranks number 12 on the Amazon best sellers and also 11 in our best laptop games 2019. It was officially brought into the market on 17 June 2018. The whole source code is filled with a lot of skills and different mysteries at each level. 3 different games are there in total in the disc which are Crash Bandicoot warped, Cortex Strikes Back Crash Bandicoot 2 and the Crash Bandicoot. Each comes with more than 100 levels and 2 playable characters to choose from. The challenges and the adventures are breath taking plus rushing your adrenaline all the time. Time trials, online leaderboards and coco play are newly included in the source code. The only motive of the game is to find Dr. Neo Cortex who is willing to capture the world and eliminate him. The creator knows whether he will ran away or will be terminated.

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Now here is the conclusion where the top 3 best laptop games 2019 will be selected to be the most enjoyable according to the people's choice. According to the feedback, reviews and sales the one which is the most liked and exciting is the God of War which will be released in June. The second one is the monster hunter world and at last it should be Titanfall 2 which must be played and tops the list taking many things in consideration. If the list is to be updated or some games have become well known then do not forget to mention in the comments section.

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