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Best Projectors 2019 - Buyer's Guide and Reviews

The use of best projector 2019 have so much increased in terms of office, schools, government sectors and much more that the sales have increased to it's peak. Many things are considered before buying an item from the online stores which many newbies or beginners do not notice while buying it.

That is the reason I thought of writing this lengthy and effective descriptive guide on the massive star rated products in this best projectors 2019 guide so that no people do such fault of buying the wrong product from the store which may not be friendly to the user and may present blur image from a small distance. 

Best Projectors 2019
Best Projectors 2019 -

There are several factors which needs to be kept in view in the mind before purchasing the right product like the feedback present on the online stores like Amazon and others local stores, appropriate weight, wireless connectivity, video quality that it offers, zooming capacity, high level brightness capacity, contrast ratio that it offers, total resolution, type of engine that it runs and the screen quality including the type of model whether it is meant for the business, corporate sector or the consumer one. The major option which matters the most is the price. 

Best Projectors 2019


1. DBPOWER T20 LCD Mini Best Projectors 2019 1800 Lumens

This one is ranked 1 in the best projectors 2019 everywhere due to it's low cost and top quality projection screen. Within a short period of time since it's release it came among among the best sellers of various online stores specially the giant Amazon and others. The only fact that lies behind it's success is that it is made extremely user friendly supported by a small amount of price tag giving it everything that it wants to be the top selling product. It was launched in the 13 of September of the year 2016 and is updated every month to cope with the new technologies invented worldwide. On the Amazon best sellers it have a rank of number 1 in the video projectors making it the best seller of all time with thousands of sales per day. It also ranks on certain other sections due to the growing popularity like number 1 in the projector accessories, number 31 in the televisions and video section and also number 44 in the office projectors which clearly defines that it is a developed for personal purposes only. The rating is quite good with 4.3 stars out of 5 along with the feedback received from thousands of people among the millions of online customers.

The metric calculated is average 2.1 pounds which is easy to lift, carry on journeys. The magnitude of the item is (12,8,4.5) inches which adjusts easily in the school bag, hand bags and others. Visitors can read the 2900 feedback and answers available online which are more than 500.   The warranty provided by the company extends for greater than 3 years which includes the repair and maintenance exclusively free of cost. Suddenly if the projector gets stops functioning then the company will replace it with the new one immediately. The customer support and help remains 24 hours a week without any server error. The lamp used for the device is of high quality and can easily extend up to a time period of 60000 hours and do not need any extra replacement making it easy to watch hour less movies and videos. The noise reducer or the suppression technique used here is awesome and do not disturbs even after getting heated while playing games and watching long lengthy movies. The picture quality that it provides is best for the eyes due to new LED install and do not causes much harm than that of television, laptops, computers and smart phones. It can project images starting from up to 32 inches to as greater as the 176 inches with a distance of 1 to 2 meters. The extra ordinary specifications that it offers include brightness of 1500 lumens, contrast of 1000:1, aspect ratio of 16:10, projection ratio of 1:4:1 and a resolution greater as (1920 x 1080) pixel.  

Technical Specifications and Features

Mentioning down the all total features in quite details are the 3 year easy warranty which includes immediate replacement if any functioning stops, easy connection with both wire and wireless to smartphone, laptops, dongle and other third party devices. It offers great quality watching from 32 to 176 inches within a distance of 2 m to 3 m. The best being the 130 inches available at 2.5 m. The system is provided with fans and cooling system to work at high temperatures and also up to a long time without any breaks. They have clearly mentioned that it is best for displaying movies and videos rather than business purposes to analyze presentations and charts. It provides 40% of more brightness with contrast quality than other LED best projectors 2019 available worldwide. It can support resolution of (1920 x 1080) pixels along with native of (800 x 480) pixels. Talking about the ratio it offers projection ratio of 1:4:1, aspect ratio of 16:10, contrast ratio of 1000:1 and brightness of 1500 lumens in total.

2. CiBest GP90 LCD Best Projectors 2019 High Definition

This one is projector a little greater in features than the previous one and can be said as the next level product which is also double in price than the previous one. This one is too designed for multimedia purposes only and can be used continuously for watching home cinema, theater and camera shoot videos. The average rating is quite nice when watched in terms of feedback and other organisation which rate different appliances. It has got an average judgement of 4.2 stars out 5 making it a perfect one. The beginning of this item was from 22 of November in the year 2016. The effective unit is about 4.85 pounds which makes it a best one. It also offers a screen resolution of (1280 x 800). Mentioning about the best sellers list it grabs a rank of 42 in the video projectors as well as number 62 in the accessories section on Amazon. There are 2 different colors on online stores to choose from which are white/black mix and the other one is total black. It belongs to Amazon's choice which means the company have taken the entire responsibility of it's selling and customer support including the shipping policy. 403 customer feedback, 176 answered questions and the discussion is still going on the seller product page.

This section of the content is mainly meant for head to toe details regarding the item. It offers a native resolution of (1280 x 800) which is pure resolution of 800p and can get extended to 1080p. The audio system is great working with the power amplifier chip to give a theater type experience while watching movies at home, connecting it through different noise box system is easily available. Manual correction is available which regards to just connect and enjoy. The port section is made clear offering 8 to 10 different spaces. The aspect ratio that it offers are in 2 parts 16:9 other is 4:3 with contrast ratio of 3000:1. Dynamic ups with 10000:1. They ensure that the lamp life extends up to 30000 hours. The projection can increase from 35 degree to 185 degree from 1.5 m to 5.5 m at last. The customers can enjoy 4 things regarding cinema, photo slide show, long length movies and the high definition gaming in this item of best projectors 2019.  

Technical Specifications and Features

This one provides warranty for only one year in which 2 months are for money back guarantee and other 7 months are for the clean exchange or replace policy watching that there is any defect. The connectivity available is awesome for both the wireless and wire technology with several ports for different types of cables included in the shipped box. Different types of multimedia formats as well as high resolution gaming is also available through connection with any type of third party device like play station, X box, smartphones, laptops and others. The audio system performs best with the latest SRS sound speakers ruling over the market in terms of quality. The screen can be extended up to 180 degree from as small as 35 degrees. It supports up to 1080p of high definition videos, 3500 luminous brightness, lamp life of more than 30000 hours making it well suited to stand in the best projectors 2019.

3. DR.J 1800 Lumens 4 Inch Mini Best Projectors 2019 (Upgraded version)

The product ranks 1 in the section of slide projectors of the Amazon best seller list. This one also deserves too due to several types of specifications that it is able to offer to it's customers. Comparison in terms of price that is very low according to the first one. We have given it the number 3 rank on our best projectors 2019. It officially came out on the date of 23 of March 2017. On the Amazon Top selling items this one bags the number 3 in the video projectors, 1 in the slide projectors and also number 3 in the accessories section making it the most sold. The minimum judgement rating is also quite nice with almost 4.3 stars out of 5 making it quite remarkable. The unit measures about 1.9 pounds with dimension of (7.8,2.7,6) inches. Talking about the feedback there are more than 500 on the product page with different types of questions answered by the seller to clear the misconception spread by many competitors on the product landing page.   The brightness capacity ranges from 1600 to 1800 lumens and performs on the contrast ratio of 2000:1 which is great at that amount of money given. When the brightness seems to be lower than 1000 lumens it highly non satisfies the customer found from the latest research from lots of customers. The LCD lens comes in 5 layers providing above the rate quality screen resolution. It is made on the German light source which is the advanced technology available now on the market and provides 12 hours of use for 12 years. In total there are about 2 stereo sound speakers in total to take care of the perfect sound clear while movie watching. It works with all the third party multimedia devices and separate ports are available for each of them. The customer support available for them is outstanding and above any other technician help.  

Technical Specifications and Features

Like the first one mentioned in our list this one also offers 3 years of replacement guarantee and if any technical faults appear they will exchange it or repair it as soon as possible, what else do you want. For any home entertainment like cinema, movies and videos this one is highly recommended but when it comes to powerpoint presentations, text file, pdf, excel files reading a better costly more than 3000 lumens product is necessary. It gets easily attached with any of the third party devices like the tablets, laptops, smartphones, DVD player, chrome books, gaming consoles and others to offer a piece of heavy resolution multimedia. Performs on the native resolution of (840 X 480) and supports up to (1920 X 1080) of resolution, aspect ratio is of 2000:1 and lamp can run lifetime of 40000 hours. On customers demand it have upgraded to 1800 lumens becoming 60% more brighter than the other mini projectors in comparison. It now supports the latest Amazon fire TV stick.

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4. GooDee 1800 Luminous Mini Portable Best Projectors 2019

Winner in terms of price based features because nobody nowadays offers this much of features at such a low level of price but anyhow the company makes profit from that amount only whether say it a low one or high one. It is an item under the Amazon choice which determines that the maintenance and customer support is guaranteed by Amazon corporation. Like the 2 others explained this one is also made for personal home theater or playing games purposes only. This one is not meant for any type of office use like watching power point presentations, any type of pdf or text files including excel charts. On the July of 18 in the year 2017 it came into the market and topped the charts becoming the best sellers of many online stores including Amazon as well as it bags the position 4 in our best projectors 2019. On the Amazon online market it ranks about number 7 in the video projectors and also number 10 in the video accessories section. The user engagement is looking nice with 4.5 stars out of 5.

The unit is 2.2 pounds making it perfect to carry with dimension of (9,5.8,3.1) inches. The feedback from the customers help many visitors take the right decision and there are 225 of them available on the product sales page. Total of 146 questions were answered by the company in order to remove the doubts regarding the item. The color in which it is available is black as shown in the image.   Connection is not wireless and needs a MHL connection for the android smartphones and also HDMI cable adapter for I phone devices. The light technology used here is the direct one which results in much brighter, less electricity usage and more rich in color pictures to be projected on the screens. The entire interior and exterior design results in low heating even during watching lengthy movies, smaller and portable to carry while traveling. The sound technology installed here is the sub woofer which are used in cinema halls and theaters to give a great experience. The lamp have an extended life of 30000 hours means more than 20 years of continuous usage. Fan noise have been suppressed to minimum. Somethings must be kept in mind in terms of long term usage like a short break after continuous usage of 4 hours, darkness is preferred to get a clear and high definition watch. Being a personal one not meant to be used for business or office like playing presentations, pdf, text files or excel charts.  

Technical Specifications and Features

The warranty on the item extend for 2 and half years which is 18 months. The first 2 months come with a total replace and exchange guarantee by the company in terms that the customer dislikes it or any technical fault appears. The screen can stretch from 30 inches to 150 inches when kept from 2.5 inches to 5.5 inches. In case of good sound works on the 2W speaker to give a theater like experience. It can connect to a major of third party devices which are VGA, USB, SD card, HDMI and AV. This can get easily connected to laptops, smart phones, tablets, gaming consoles to play movies or any other videos recorded on camera. The unique small design can get softly fit into the bags to carry while travelling and journeys. It have a native resolution of (800 x 480) and can support 1080 too. The brightness is of 1800 lumens and have a contrast ratio of 1000:1. The color quality offering is vibrant and fine like any other best projectors 2019.

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5. Epson VS250 SVGA 3200

Among all described above this one is a level above them and also comes at a price greater than them to offer a better quality in terms of camera and smartphones. The brightness quality is offers is of 3200 luminous efficiency which is almost greater than any other available above. The date on which it was first started selling was from 5 of September in the year 2017. As comparison to others the rating is quite good with 4.4 stars out of 5 making it stand among all the best projectors 2019 and bag the number 5 position in the list. On the Amazon best sellers it ranks at the number 16 of the video accessories as well as number 10 of the video projectors. Till now the most heavy one with 5.3 pounds and dimension of (11.9,3.2,9.2) inches. The display installed here is the 3 LCD screen. This one have got a lot of feedback more than 451 and also answered questions greater the 423 to help the visitors know everything about it.   In this section all the specifications are more clearly discussed. The color and white brightness both are similar with 3200 luminous efficiency. The vertical keystone correction is set to automatic mode whereas the horizontal keystone correction mode comes with manual slide correction. In respect of native resolution the SVGA is used which is the most basic one in comparison to XGA(1.5 x), WXGA(2 x) and WUXGA(4.5 x). According to the latest United States preference study this company items are rated at the top among best projectors 2019. The display is 3 LCD which is much colorful than any other DLP projectors in the market. Have a HDMI support to present high definition audio and video quality. The native resolution offering is (800 x 600).  

Technical Specifications and Features

All the latest technologies of laptops and smartphones including the I devices can be connected through the HDMI port which supports audio and video all in one. The set up the remark to offer about 3 times greater accuracy in terms of brightness and color tuning to the screens with it's 3200 luminous efficiency. The design is very unique and heavy than the others rather it offers quick set up and start up in no time and takes less than 5 minutes for everything to running accurately. This one with SVGA resolution can be used for every type of multimedia as well as text files like excel charts, pdf, presentations in offices. Designed to suit for both corporate and personal purposes.

6. RAGU Z720 Video projector

A very stable projector to be used for both in the office as well for personal in the home with an excellent 3200 luminous efficiency. The approximate judgement is very nice by the users who have rated it 4.8 stars out of 5 which is the best till now among all and for this reason it also bags the number 6 position in our best projectors 2019. This company have been in the company for quite a long amount of time and have already created a brand recognition for itself in the online and offline dealing stores. On the Amazon stores it ranks number 38 in the video accessories as well as number 23 in the video projectors. The weight is average with 2.3 pounds and dimension is (14.9,9.9,6.3) inches making it cool portable to carry. In terms of feedback extra ordinary quality articles have been written by the previous customers more than 345 in numbers and also seller have given 44 high quality questions and answers regarding the item.

The box which gets shipped to the buyer's home comes filled with 1 piece of HDMI cable, AV cable, VGA cable, remote control, power cord and the body. To feel the theater like experience the total body needs to be shifted to a very dark room for total enjoyment. For any further connection to smartphones, I devices, Mac book the HDMI cable should be connected to the right port. External speakers can be bought separately to provide a great experience of cinema hall. Like the others it can also project from up to 30 degree to 280 degree within 1 to 7 meters of length. The display is fine which supports both LED and LCD. The contrast is also fine with ratio 1500:1. The can be shipped free of cost when bought from Amazon as well as all the others which have been mentioned in the best projectors 2019.  

Technical Specifications and Features

This product have been sold to more millions of customers worldwide and have a vast customer support. This company stands for it's product failure and technical fault and ultimately replaces it if any mistakes appear. There is an extended 12 months of warranty with a customer support till the item runs for free. They mention to take total responsibility of it's use and secure working in office and home. The speaker is built in it and user can purchase a better sound box. The connectivity interface present here are the HDMI, AV, USB and SD. This one can easily get connected to different third party devices like the laptops, smartphones, DVD, gaming consoles, television, play station, VCD and more. The lamp extended life span is of 30000 hours making it run for more than 20 years. There is high definition decoder chip which makes it suitable for the 1080p resolution. This can be used for both presentation, excel charts, pdf files as well as high multimedia videos.

7. ViewSonic PA503S 3600

A great and perfect selling projector among all at a perfect price. The specifications are greater than the previous ones with a much more stronger rating. The selling rate is stronger on the online stores which remains almost most of the time out of stock. The entire display is a DLP type rather than a LCD screen. Despite of so more features all in one it ranks at the number 7 in our best projectors 2019. Talking about the people judgement on the Amazon it rates 4.6 stars out of 5. The most heaviest one among all the items mentioned here with 7.14 pounds. The whole total dimension is about (4.3,11.6,8.6) inches which is larger in size than the others. It ranks at the number 40 in the video accessories as well as number 44 in the video projectors section. The first day on which it started selling online was on 7 of June 2017.

It exceeded it's million customers worldwide after the 3 months of it's launch. On the product page more than 956 customer feedback are present to read accurately about each minor details and ask any questions among the 780 prevailing questions to the seller.   The only color in which it is available is white. In terms of various styles there are 6 different styles which are SVGA 3300 lumens, SVGA 3600 lumens described here, WXGA 3300 lumens, WXGA 3600 lumens, XGA 3300 lumens as well as XGA 3600 lumens with increasing amount of prices. A special mode called Eco mode adds extra 15000 hours of life to it's lamp. The HDMI port is available for Blue Ray screen, the current saver is also there, due to Super color pro a fine tune of 6 segment colors are seen here. It works on the native resolution of (800 x 600). Frame by frame speed of 16 ms latency provides a great experience.  

Technical Specifications and Features

A light source of 190 watt is installed here to present a clear brighter screen. It gets easily compatible with most of the third party devices like the Mac book, laptop, smartphone, DVD player, blu ray, Amazon Fire TV, google chrome cast and the Apple TV. 3 years of warranty are there for the all the parts if they cause any faults, 1 year for the life of lamp and also 1 extra year for the exchange service if registered. It have a dynamic contrast ratio of 22000:1, the screen can stretch up to as long as 210 inches. This is the most suitable one when compared to any other in office or personal movie watching view. The unique design makes it dust resistant with a lot of durability. Being energy efficient it saves a lot amount of money.

8. WOWOTO H9 3500 Video Projector

This is the total new version of the company video projectors and came into market on the 19 of June in the year 2017. The total weight of the item is about 14.1 ounces making it light with dimension of (6,4.7,1.2) inches. The approximate judgement are the feedback and reviews given by only satisfied or non satisfied customers from millions of user base are 4.5 stars out of 5. It works on the brightness ability of 3500 luminuous efficiency. It ranks at the position 402 in video accessories as well as number 195 in the video projectors which is good for a recent launched item. Like the others it also supports almost all the third party devices. On the other hand 3 dimensional movies can also be enjoyed but the use of DLP 3 D glasses are strictly allowed.   The price is average creating a little problem for the low budget buyer's whereas all the specifications are mostly clear and better than the others. The pictures always gets perfectly aligned without any disturbance to the users with the 40% of keystone correction. Highest supported screen is the Blu Ray 3 Dimensional. The screen can be stretched to a limit of 300 inches without any blur and cut marks. The battery capacity is 7800 mAH running for 24 hours continuously. It offers 12 months of warranty with 24 hours of customer service in 7 days a week. The lamp life capability is of 20000 hours with a 3 year of replacement guarantee. On an average rated by the company this one of the best projectors 2019 seem to run for more than 20 to 25 days. The screen can be connected to the multi sharing of smart phones, laptops and any other devices available worldwide. 

Technical Specifications and Features

This is only projector where android operating system is installed of the version 4.4 and have the RAM of 1 GB and an internal ROM of 8 GB. It also provides a extra space of slot where the 32 GB memory card can be easily installed on purchase and is not included in the box. This one supports extra features like the built in wifi, blue tooth and the touch screen controller unlike any other mentioned here. Performs on a native resolution of (1280 x 800). Just forgot that it have the highest brightness efficiency of 3500 that means all the excel files, pdf, presentations and the text files can also be watched perfectly and correctly without any blur quality. Other features are throw ratio of 1:2:1, screen size of 20 inches to 180 inches, contrast ratio of 2000:1, 3 dimensional capacity and many other connection settings.

9. ABOX T22 2400 LCD (Upgraded)

Suddenly found out that this one also ranks on the online store for a particular list of Blu ray recorders at 1 and have the best seller tag running on it making about thousands of sales per day automatically. It should be placed above but till now on best projectors 2019 it have the position on number 9. The price is average which could easily adjust among the common person budget equal to a meal in the restaurant. Among the styles available one is only body part, other is body with keyboard and the last one is body with TV box. It was marketed recently on the online stores on March of 17 in 2017. As discussed earlier it ranks 1 in Blu ray recorders and also 128 in camera and photo section. The feedback judgement is of 4.1 stars out of 5. The exact unit weighs about 3.53 pounds with dimension of (8.7,7.1,6.7) inches. A total of 373 feedback to read exactly what it offers with question answers list of 263 answers and more to join the discussion. The box includes 3 in 1 AV cable, power adapter, remote controller, HDMI cable and the body part at this price.   The brightness offers 2400 luminous efficiency with total screen stretching of 32 to 172 inches of length. Large screen display protects the eyes through many ways rather than the small screen. Somethings must be taken into account while using it like the personal purpose use of watching movies and playing games rather than opening and viewing text files or excel charts. Dark room is mainly suitable rather than lighter environment to view in high definition. A speaker needs to be bought while working with VGA cords as it do not supports audio on that one. While connecting to any third party devices it requires the HDMI adapter facility and it do not comes included in the box. The USB port is only meant for USB flash drive rather than data transfer network.  

Technical Specifications and Features

A general representation about all the details include 360 degrees of picture flip with full screen, a list of 5 supported music formats and the 7 video formats, 4 types of image formats, aspect ratio of 4:3 and 16:9, contrast ratio of 2000:1, native resolution of 2000:1, extended lamp life of 50000 hours, power of 50 W, brightness luminous efficiency as you all know 2400 lumens. The noise working have been made less than 15 decibles in measurement even if it works continuously more than 6 hours. It makes the images look brighter in color and 3 dimensional in appearance.

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10. XINDA Huge Home Cinema

The last one with price almost lower than all the others and even less than a restaurant meal in San Francisco or anywhere in America. Being launched into the online stores recently in the month of April 6 in 2017. Getting good reviews it bags the number 10 position of best projectors 2019. On the other hand on Amazon best sellers it ranks number 15 in video accessories as well as number 10 in video projectors. The total customer rating and feedback have given it 3.9 stars out of 5 making it stand away from the crowd. The item weights about 2.3 pounds, dimension is (7.5,2.7,5.2) inches. On the Amazon online store it is made available in 5 different colors.   This item in the best projectors 2019 is a multi functional type system which supports every cord and players. Powered with 1200 brightness luminous efficiency it claims to be 42% more brighter than the ordinary ones. The lamp life is said to be extended 20000 hours.  

Technical Specifications and Features

Like the many others it also works on luminous efficiency of 1200, keystone correction of 15, native resolution of (800 x 480) with support of (1920 x 1080), the projection can stretch from 30 to 100 inches, contrast ratio is of 1000:1. It offers a perfect resolution of 1080 making the screen crystal clear in appearance. 

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 At last here we always discuss about the top 3 ones of best projectors 2019 which are in the lead and perfect for a particular type of visitors and the requirements that needs to be fulfilled in their aspects. The first one is the DBPOWER T20 1500 Lumens LCD Mini Projector which is recommended to the best when someone only wants to use it for watching and running multimedia as well as playing games but not done for office purposes and running presentations or any other text files which means these files can run but not professionally. The price of this one is so average than anyone can buy it without any hesitation.

The second one is the Epson VS250 SVGA 3200 lumens 3-LCD projector mostly recommended for all the others who want it professionally as well for personal type with such strong color brightness efficiency it can compete anyone in just a little more amount of price double of the previous one. The last and the best one which I should recommend the most for people looking to spend money for the best is the ViewSonic PA503S 3600 Lumens SVGA HDMI Projector and you can even say it as the better than the best.

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