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Hello My name is Shubham Prasad and I am the owner of this blog 10studs.com which I believe is going to be the next Best cracked seo tools and apps website in comparison to onhax, The mobilism, crack it Indonesia and many other small business competitors of mine. For now I am a Engineering student of Computer Science doing a Bachelor of Technology in the University of Engineering and Management. My Home city is Kolkata, West Bengal of India. My previous website was a blogger website which I might shift to word press but I am afraid of the lose of my rankings and the built followers.

I have learn't a lot of search engine optimization in the last 3 to 4 years in this business and now it's time to prove what I have learned. This my second year of my course and believe that before I pass out this website should be as successful according to the big brands. The website includes all the top reviews and buyer's guides about the latest appliances, best laptops, best dishwasher including the all the top best DSLR cameras, best projectors and many more. My one dream for now is to rank for all the major keywords like this one and to succeed in the field of blogging before I pass out my engineering degree so that I could continue my future career building top level websites in each and every field.

My previous websites were built with blogger content management platform and believe me it works a lot in ranking keywords but not when it comes to building a brand, serving your visitors with a high profile information through tables of comparison and price, give them data more than their expectation, a fast news letter and social system to subscribe and become professional in the long run. Word press websites are more friendly to user and this is what the google baby wants. The future aim of google is to provide over the top high quality content which could help the user to the best. According to me Long and Thorough content and social media engagement wins the race with a little flow of links. My Previous website was Smartcarestud based on latest technology product reviews.

For now it's over but I will be updating my rankings and income here as soon as I get achieving success in this field. Please comment your suggestions and improvements which I need to change in this website. You can watch me and learn creating this website.

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